Younis Mahmoud calls on the Iraqi fans for help before the decisive stage of the qualifiers

to speak Vice President of the Iraqi Federation The head of the first team delegation, Younis Mahmoud, spoke about the features of the “Lions of Mesopotamia” squad in the decisive stage of the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, calling on the fans to increase their support for the team in the coming period.

And he looks forward The Iraqi national teamto finish the double Asian qualifiers with full marks when it faces Vietnam tomorrow, Tuesday, at Basra International Stadium at nine o’clock in the evening local time in Baghdad and Doha.

Younis Mahmoud talks about Iraq’s preparations to confront Vietnam

Younis Mahmoud said in statements published by the Iraqi Football Association: “The players of the Iraqi national team are training with great enthusiasm before facing Vietnam. Everyone wants to reserve the main place in tomorrow’s match, as the match will be held at Basra International Stadium and in front of large crowds who are expected to attend in force.”

He talked about the features of the Iraqi squad for the next stage of the qualifiers, noting that the names currently on the list will be candidates to continue, saying: “The Spanish coach, Jesus Casas, and his assistant staff, now have a complete vision of the Iraqi national team. The coach will settle on the names on this list to enter the tournament.” The decisive Asian qualifiers, which will be held next September.”

He appealed to the fans of the “Lions of Mesopotamia,” calling on them to continue supporting the team, saying: “The Iraqi Federation worked hard to prepare the first team at the highest level, but the Iraqi team will not be strong enough without public support. I believe that the fans will be Iraq’s weapon in the decisive qualifiers.” In order to achieve the dream of qualifying for the World Cup.”

Casas is worried about the decisive round of the Asian qualifiers

The Iraqi national team continues its training in Basra in preparation for the confrontation with Vietnam, where 26 players participated in training yesterday, namely: Jalal Hassan, Ali Kazem, Hussein Hassan, Kamil Saad, Ali Jassim, Youssef Amin, Bashar Rasan, Louay Al-Ani, Rebin Sulaqa, Osama Rashid. , Safaa Hadi, Marco Faraj, Manaf Younis, Saad Natiq, Akam Hashem, Zaid Tahseen, Ayman Hussein, Ibrahim Bayesh, Zidane Iqbal, Ahmed Makkenzi, Hussein Ali, Mustafa Saadoun, Muhannad Ali, Ahmed Yahya, Amir Al-Ammari, Muhammad Al-Taie.

The match will be led by an Emirati refereeing team consisting of Omar Mohammed Ahmed Hassan Al-Alali, field referee, assisted by Mohammed Ahmed Youssef Abdullah Al-Hammadi, Jassim Abdullah, Youssef Abdullah Al-Ali, and Sultan Mohammed Saleh Youssef Al-Hammadi as fourth referee, and the referees’ observer, Abdul Rahman Zaid Al-Zaid from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, and the match supervisor will be Haider Tariq from Lebanon, while the safety and security official will be Kumar Sanjay from India.

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