Yamal teaches Rabiot a harsh lesson and prepares for a fierce battle against Mbappe!

Spain and Barcelona talent Yamal made history off the pitch as well, after his remarkable performance against France in the semi-finals of the 2024 European Nations Cup, teaching a harsh lesson to the teammates of Les Bleus captain Kylian Mbappe.

The young Barcelona star contributed to La Roja reaching the Euro 2024 final, by giving outstanding performances that culminated in scoring a fantastic goal with a rocket shot that beat France goalkeeper Mike Maignan.

Yamal dedicates his goal to Rabiot

The Spanish star dedicated his goal against the Roosters to the French midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who provoked the Spanish talent by saying: “If you want to play in the final, you will have to do more than you did,” and the Spanish talent quickly responded with his rocket goal.

The Spanish star did not stop at what he did on the field; he sent a message to Rabiot in a post on the social media platform “Twitter” previously, in which he wrote: “Move silently.. Only speak when the time comes. Checkmate”, and after the match he told him sarcastically: “Speak now”. The next day, the Spanish player returned to share another post that included pictures of him from the match with the phrase “Checkmate”.

Alarm bells ring for Mbappe

On an individual level, the Spain-France match saw Barcelona talent Yamal outperform Real Madrid’s trio in the “Les Bleus” team, Kylian Mbappe, Aurelien Tchouamen and Eduardo Camavinga, as the Blaugrana star received the highest rating in the match, according to data from the “Sofa Score“.

This comes to ignite the conflict early between real madrid And Barcelona, ​​before the start of the new season, in which all eyes will be on the most prominent stars of the two teams, most notably Mbappe and Yamal.

Lamine Yamal dazzles everyone at Euro 2024

It will not be a mission of a jewel Barcelona Next season will be easy, as he and his new coach Hansi Flick will have to compete with Carlo Ancelotti’s squad, which won the Champions League title for the fifteenth time in the history of the royal club, and appears more stable from both the sporting and financial aspects, which will put Yamal in a fierce battle against Kylian Mbappe’s teammates.

Barcelona is counting on the brilliance of its talents to compensate for its inability to bring in huge contracts in the current summer Mercato, due to the Catalan club’s continued suffering from the economic crisis it has been exposed to in recent years, the repercussions of which are still ongoing.

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