Xavi sets Barcelona’s goal in the Champions League

Xavi Hernandez, the club’s technical director, confirmed Barcelona The Spaniard is seeking to return to competing for a competition title Champions League This season, noting that qualifying for the second round of the tournament as group leader is the team’s main goal currently.

Barça is preparing to play its first match in the Champions League competition for the 2023-24 season, when it faces its counterpart Antwerp The Belgian, in a task that seems easy to coach Hernandez’s players.

The young coach said in his statements during: Press conference Who was held to talk about the Antwerp match: “I want to compete for the Champions League title this season. Last year, the goal was not achieved. We now have to qualify for the round of 16, then we will see what happens in the next round.”

Xavi continued his speech, saying: “We hope that the turning point will come and we will present our best version in the Champions League. If we play at the level of performance that we presented in the league on Saturday in Europe, that will give us a chance to compete.”

Barcelona FC players (Getty) Winwin winwin

The former Barca star added: “We need the support of the fans, and I trust the players’ ability. It is time to take a step forward and believe in it again to become great in Europe again.”

In his press conference, Hernandez touched upon the Uruguayan defender not entering Ronald Araujoin the Champions League team list, saying: “The doctors prefer that the player take enough time to return again, as it was not worth forcing; but he will be ready against… Celta Vigo In the Spanish League next Saturday.

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