With ten players.. Al-Wahdat defeats Ramtha in the Jordan Cup

Al-Wahdat turned the tables on its host Ramtha and defeated it by winning 3-1 in the exciting match that took place this evening, Tuesday, at Al-Hassan Stadium in Irbid, in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Jordan Cup for football.

Al-Wahdat qualifies for the semi-finals, where it will face Shabab Al-Urdun next Sunday, while Al-Salt will face its rival, Al-Hussein Irbid, after its victory on Tuesday over Sahab with a score of 2-1.

And progress Ramtha With the goal of taking the lead through his defender, Abdel Rahman Al-Darabassa, Mohamed Mawali, the Ivorian Cedric Henry, and Mohamed Abu Zureiq “Sharara” responded with a full hat-trick.

Al-Wehdat’s first threat came from a cross ball that Crist headed high, but it passed over Malik Shalabia’s goal, Ramtha’s goalkeeper, and Al-Wehdat almost took the lead as Amer Jamous prepared the ball for himself and shot strongly, but Shalabia saved the situation valiantly.

Ramtha star Bashar Thiabat committed a violation to find Abdul Rahman Al-Darabasa, who attacked it with his head and placed the ball to the right of Abdullah Al-Fakhouri in the 36th minute. Then Al-Wehdat succeeded in scoring the equalizer in the 45th minute, as Henry received the ball on the outskirts of the penalty area and shot it smartly, and Mohammed turned it around. Mwali to settle to the right of Shalabiya.

Al-Wahdat resolves the confrontation with three goals

In the second half, Al-Wahdawi coach Raafat Ali strengthened his defense, bringing in Youssef Abu Al-Jazar at the expense of Mohamed Mawali, while Ramtha coach Wassim Al-Bazour brought in Mohamed Al-Zoubi in place of Hashem Al-Khalidi.

The threat of Al-Wahdawi remained absent, while Ramtha had the most possession of the ball thanks to the liveliness of its midfield, before Abu Suhaib shot a powerful ball that Al-Fakhouri controlled.

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Al-Wehdat scored the second goal, when Firas Shalabia executed a free ball on the outskirts of the penalty area, which found Ivorian Cédric Henry, who headed it to Shalabia’s right in the 71st minute.

After the goal, Al-Wahdat’s offensive performance declined, especially after Henry was replaced by Ibrahim Sabra, while Al-Ramtha brought in Senegalese striker Salem Hadi in search of adjusting the result.

Al-Wahdat worked to use up the remaining time to maintain its lead, while Al-Ramtha pressed with its weight before its goalkeeper, Shalabiya, came out to participate with his companions in the attack, so Abu Taha cut off the ball and sent it to Sharara, who found himself facing the empty goal, to put the ball into the net and declare the match decided in the minute (90 + 8). .

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