Winwin reveals the secret of Mohamed Abdel Moneim’s mysterious message

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The past few hours have witnessed controversy over the departure of Mohamed Abdel Moneim, a defender Alahli football club And the Egyptian national team, from the ranks of the Red Genie during the coming period.

Mohamed Abdel Moneim posted a video clip while celebrating with Al-Ahly fans for the African Champions League championship, commenting on it: “I will always carry your love and support with me… Thank you for everything.”

In a related context, a private source told “winwin”: “At the time the CAF Champions League final was held, two foreign business agents, affiliated with one of the players’ agents in Egypt, attended, and they came to Egypt to follow Mohamed Abdel Moneim in order to market the player in Europe, and offered it to one of the European clubs.”

Youssef Ayman, Al-Duhail Qatari defender, is close to moving to the Egyptian Al-Ahly club in the current summer transfers, starting from the 2024/2025 season. Winwin Instagram/yusif_ay

The source added: “This was not the first time that Abdel Moneim was followed and watched by a foreign agent.”

The source pointed out: “Mohamed Abdel Moneim has a great desire to become a professional, and he also informed Al-Ahly club management of his desire earlier to go professional, especially since the player has only one season left in his contract with the Red Giants.”

The source concluded his statements by stressing: “Abdel Moneim was keen to postpone talking about this matter or following up on the offers presented to him, until the tournament was completed.” African Champions LeagueDuring the current period, the player is expected to study the offers presented to him.”

Mohamed Abdel Moneim’s most prominent numbers with Al-Ahly this season

It is worth noting that Abdel Moneim participated with Al-Ahly club this season in 12 competition matches Egyptian Premier LeagueIn addition to 3 matches in the Club World Cup.

The Al-Ahly defender played 12 matches in the African Champions League, and succeeded in scoring one goal. He also participated in two matches in the Egyptian Super Cup.

Mohamed Abdel Moneim is currently attending the Egyptian first team camp, in preparation for facing Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau in the third and fourth rounds of the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.


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