Winwin reveals the fact that a penalty was imposed on Afsha after his statements

A private source revealed the fact that a penalty was imposed on Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the club’s player Al-AhlyAfter the decision to exclude him from the team’s training yesterday, Monday, by decision of the technical staff led by Swiss Marcel Kohler.

The last few hours witnessed talk of imposing a financial penalty of up to one million pounds on Mohamed Magdy, after he was excluded from the team’s training yesterday.

The fact that Muhammad Magdy Afsha received a large financial penalty

The source told:win win“What was said about imposing a financial penalty on Muhammad Magdy Afsha has no basis in truth.” Confirming: “Until this moment, no penalty has been imposed on the player.”

The source added: “It is assumed that the player is still suspended and will not attend Al-Ahly club’s group training, which will begin this evening, Tuesday, until the technical staff led by Swiss Marcel Kohler decides on the player’s position.”

Winwin learned that Mohamed Magdy participated in the Al-Ahly club’s group training, which was held yesterday, Monday, as a normal matter, but Swiss coach Marcel Kohler, the technical director, decided that the player would not participate in the training, and that he would leave the team’s group training.

The Swiss coach’s decision not to participate in training sessions today was due to his statements Player Which he made while hosting a talk show.

The source confirmed that there are currently attempts to make a reconciliation between the player and the technical director, so that the player can return to participating in group training normally.

The attacking midfielder participated with Al-Ahly club this season in 12 matches in the Egyptian Premier League, scoring one goal and contributing to three assists, in addition to one meeting in the Club World Cup.

winwin reveals why "Afsha trained alone and was absent from Al-Ahly club training on Monday, June 3, 2024 One One

Afsha played 12 other matches with Al-Ahly in the African Champions League, where he scored two goals and contributed to an assist, in addition to one match in the Egyptian Super Cup.

Al-Ahly resumed group training yesterday, Monday, after the rest the team received after winning the African Champions League for the twelfth time in its history.

The Red Giant loses the services of its players who joined the national teams during the June international break, most of whom are with the Egyptian national team.

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