winwin analysis | The finals philosophy is absent from the Esperance coach

Achieve Al-Ahly Al-Masry won the African Champions League title for the 12th time in its history, after a difficult victory over Esperance of Tunisia, in the final match on Saturday, with a score of 1-0, after a goalless draw in Tunisia a week ago.

Under the leadership of its Swiss coach, Marcel Kohler, Al-Ahly won eight local and continental championships, including two CAF Champions League titles, respectively, against Wydad last year and this year against Esperance of Tunisia.

Kohler became the second most decorated coach in the CAF Champions League with Al-Ahly (he has two titles), equally with South African Pitso Mosimane, and two titles behind record holder Manuel Jose (4 titles).

Al-Ahly knew how to tame Esperance

Al-Ahly managed the match as if it was dividing it. He knew when to press high, knew how to retreat and delay the pressure process, and did not play in one style or format. This season, Al-Ahly plays like this in the finals, even against Zamalek in the Egypt Cup final.

Even when Al-Ahly was retreating to its area and a third of its stadium, the spaces were very narrow, even after the entry of Aliou Dieng, who increased Al-Ahly’s ferocity in the process of pressing and tightening its grip on the midfield.

The Esperance coach canceled his team’s identity

The Esperance coach dealt with the worst possible scenario in the two matches. He did not take any risks at all, and Esperance exited in the two matches with only one shot on Mustapha Schubert’s goal and only one corner kick throughout 180 minutes.

Miguel Cardoso built Esperance strong defensively to be able to close matches against opponents and play a defensive match at the highest level. But when he is asked to score, he does not know how to take risks, attack and chase the result, and this is required in the final matches, the philosophy of which was absent from the “Al-Makshakha” coach.

Esperance created only two chances in the two matches, the first through Rodrigo Rodriguez with a header, and the second through compatriot Yann Saas with a shot that went past the post.

Against Sun Downs, Esperance won in South Africa; But his strength was in defense against a barrage of Sun Downs attacks, and you will not always succeed in protecting your goal, and this is what we talked about when we pointed out that Esperance will be required to take risks and open the lines.

It is true that finals are won and not played, but not while you lack an offensive personality, as you are required to score in the response match.

The worst change in the tournament

Was Cardozo really watching his team in the two matches?! A coach may initiate a foul substitution in any match; But if he repeats the same mistake in the second match and serves the opponent, the matter deserves exclamation and question marks.

The Esperance coach made a mistake in the first leg when he sent off Houssem Taqa, who created the only chance of the match and was the best player in midfield between Roger Oholo and Guillane Chaalali, for no reason.

At the time when Esperance began to take possession of the ball, the Esperance coach once again withdrew the best player in Esperance, Houssem Taqa, for the second match in a row, knowing that he was also better than Agbelo and Ghilan Chaalali, and the bad one in the process of coming out with the ball was Ohulu.

Zamalek Al-Ahly Egyptian Premier League One Win Winwin

What is most strange is that Esperance does not have a strong substitute bench, and its strength lies in 13 or 14 players. The coach does not have many elements that make a difference, so how can he get his best element out on the field at a time when Esperance has begun to control the course of the game?

Al-Ahly defensive immunity

The match featured two of the strongest defensive teams in the tournament. Whoever would have scored first could have defended the goal, and the match throughout the 180 minutes, back and forth, witnessed limited chances.

Esperance did not understand that Al-Ahly, defensively, was not like Sun Downs. Al-Ahly did not lose in 22 matches in a row, and even kept a clean sheet in 855 consecutive minutes, meaning that the Tunisian team had to make a greater offensive effort.

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