Will Zamalek play the summit match against Al-Ahly on time?

Ahmed Salem, the official spokesman for Zamalek Club, revealed the fact that the club’s board of directors backed down from its demands and played the upcoming summit match against Al-Ahly in the competition. Egyptian League excellent as scheduled.

Al-Abyad Club had expressed its objection to the refereeing decisions that accompanied the team’s match against Al-Masry, stressing that it would not play any match in the second round, including the summit against Al-Ahly, until after all the teams finished performing the first-round matches, before reports indicated that the White knight He will change that decision and will play the match against his traditional rival on time.

Salem wrote on his official Facebook account: “Everything that is said about the Zamalek Club’s Board of Directors, headed by Captain Hussein Labib, retreating from its demands are just rumors that have no basis in truth.”

Mohamed Awad, Egyptian Zamalek goalkeeper (X/ZSCOfficial) One Win winwin

He added: “The first team will not play any match from the second round (the second leg) until after all the teams finish performing the first round matches (postponed) according to the order of the original draw.”

He concluded by saying: “Waiting for the results of the investigation into the blatant refereeing errors that occurred against the Zamalek club in the last match in particular and since the beginning of the season in general.”

The original date for the Zamalek match against Al-Ahly

Zamalek was supposed to play against… Al-Ahly On Tuesday, June 25, within the Egyptian League Championship competitions.

The White Club has played 19 matches so far in the league championship, collecting 31 points, ranking eleventh in the competition table, with 7 postponed matches remaining for the team.

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