Will Yazid Abu Laila move to Al-Hussein Irbid team?

Jordan national team goalkeeper Yazeed Abu Laila has not yet decided on his next destination after his contract with Saudi club Al Jabalain expired, as he is still studying several foreign and local offers.

Abu Laila is currently the No. 1 goalkeeper in Jordan After becoming the main goalkeeper for the Al-Nashama team, following the retirement of the Asian whale, Amer Shafi.

Where will Yazid Abu Laila settle?

Abu Laila’s next destination seems somewhat unclear, but what is certain is that he will not renew his contract with Al-Jabalain Saudi Club after reducing the number of foreign players.

After his clear brilliance with the Al-Nashama team, especially in the Asian Cup, Abu Laila will not be satisfied with playing professionally with first-class clubs.

And science win winThat club Al Hussein Irbid Who is preparing to participate in the AFC Champions League 2, is thinking of recruiting a new goalkeeper with Asian experience and the choice may fall on Abu Laila, especially since this club has the money to convince the goalkeeper to sign.

And it was Abu Laila He started his football career with Shabab Al-Urdun, where he excelled before moving to Al-Faisaly and participating with them in winning the Professional League Championship title. After that, he decided to terminate his contract and move to the Saudi Al-Jabalain team.

Yazeed Abu Laila, goalkeeper of the Jordanian national team, winwin (facebook/yazeed.abulaila)

Yesterday, the Moroccan Jamal Salami, the coach of the Al-Nashama, summoned Abu Laila to participate in the national team’s gathering in Amman and then to join a training camp in Turkey, which gives an indication that Abu Laila may be a candidate to return to the Jordanian stadiums through Al-Hussein Irbid, unless any surprises occur at the last minute.

Al-Faisaly Club, for which Yazid Abu Laila previously played, extended the contract of its goalkeeper Nour Bani Attia for two new seasons, as the latter was able to become the team’s first-choice goalkeeper after he was given sufficient playing opportunities.

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