Will Premier League teams get rid of the farces of arbitration by abolishing VAR?

Put up a club Wolverhampton An unexpected proposal was made by the Premier League to cancel reliance on video assistant technology (VAR) starting from the 2024-25 football season, which was accepted for discussion next June, in a move that the club believes may contribute to reducing arbitration errors, in light of the farces. Which happened during the current season.

Association adopted Premier League VAR technology in 2019. The aim of this was to reduce refereeing errors and control the course of matches well, given that the competition was characterized by many refereeing errors during the past seasons, which directly affected the results of important matches for clubs fighting for the title and others to avoid relegation.

Theoretically, it remains difficult for the Premier League to cancel the technology next season and return to the regular system, especially since canceling any law must be approved by 14 clubs out of 20 competing in the competition. But what if this proposal is accepted by a majority?

Demands to abolish VAR technology in the Premier League

Before the use of technology that relies on advanced technology to detect refereeing errors and determine offside situations in matches, refereeing in the Premier League competition was in the dock after each round, due to repeated errors that wronged one team at the expense of others, while some teams benefited from those decisive decisions.

Discussions regarding the abolition of the mouse technology in the English Premier League (nomadstudio)

Currently, most leagues around the world use it Video assistive technologyThe International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) also imposes the adoption of the technology in various continental and international competitions at the national and club levels, to ensure that the margin of refereeing errors is reduced, but Wolverhampton believes that this technology has had a negative impact on its matches.

It is unlikely that the 14 clubs will ratify the decision to cancel the technology, despite the many complaints submitted by the players of these teams after each round, because they know in advance that returning to the previous system will increase the margin of arbitration errors, and will revive the controversy again.

Many have begun to criticize the refereeing feedback in English Premier League matches, which has forced the Premier League to publish some of the referees’ conversations during matches that are controversial in the media, while the next step will be for the referee to announce his decisions to the fans via loudspeakers, as happened in the recent Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia. And the Women’s World Cup in Australia.

The latest critic of arbitration was Anthony Gordon, a player Newcastle UnitedHe spoke sharply about the referee of his team’s match against Manchester United yesterday, Wednesday, and said: “I do not understand what is the point of using the VAR technology?! It was a clear penalty kick after obstructing (Sufyan) Amrabat… Get rid of this technology! Or do what is.” better!”.

The English Football Association, in coordination with the local league, is trying to find the most effective solutions to eliminate prominent refereeing errors, to maintain the cleanliness of the game and ensure equality between all teams in the stadiums, but canceling the VAR technology at the present time remains almost impossible, but work is being done to find solutions. It will be the best decision to avoid more travesties in the future.

It is worth noting that the 2023-24 English Premier League season has reached its final stage, as all the matches of the final round will be played next Sunday at approximately six o’clock in the evening, Mecca time, noting that Manchester City They lead the standings by two points from Arsenal.

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