Will Onahi’s crisis with his coach hasten his departure from Marseille?

The Moroccan international player entered Ezzedine OunahiIn a severe disagreement with his coach, Marcelino Garcia Toral, the club’s technical director Marseille Because of not relying on him in matches French league.

Marcelinho asked his player Onahi, in a media statement: “to make efforts in training, in order to rely on him in the future, during the team’s matches,” denying – at the same time – the existence of a personal dispute with the Moroccan player, explaining that in the coach’s chair he has the right to choose the players. The most ready in his official squad.

The coach continued his speech, saying: “I previously included him (Ounahi) in some matches. He must prove that he is ready, by engaging seriously in training to rely on him in matches. He must also put in the effort and continue working.”

French media reports revealed on Monday that the Moroccan international informed the Marseille administration of his desire to leave during the final summer transfer window.

The “La Minuet Oueme” network, which is interested in Marseille club news, confirmed that Ounahi wants to change the atmosphere and leave the French club during the next winter Mercato, due to his disagreements with the team’s coach, explaining that the player’s failure to leave during the summer transfer phase was due to the team not receiving an exciting offer. Interesting about it.

It is noteworthy that French media reports confirmed earlier that the Saudi teams Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly had expressed their desire weeks ago to strengthen their ranks with the Moroccan player.

Adel Rami defends Onahi

In a related context, former French international Adel Rami defended Moroccan Azzedine Onahi, during his participation in a sports program on the “Prime Video” platform, stressing that a player with technical skills like Onahi should be a starter in the ranks of Marseille, expressing his surprise at being put on the bench. Substitutes since the start of the current sports season.

Adel Rami, of Moroccan origins, continued his speech, saying: “Ounahi is one of the talented players who come from time to time to the Velodrome (Marseille Stadium). His constant presence in matches would ignite the madness of the fans who love this type of talented players.”

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He continued: “In Marseille, they have a player of this quality, capable of igniting the field, but unfortunately he has been confined to the bench for four matches. I now put myself in Ounahi’s place. Of course, what is happening with him is frustrating.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “I do not know exactly what is happening with Onahi. These are matters that remain internal to the team, but from a purely technical point of view, the player deserves his place in the starting lineup. They do not have a player with his techniques and capabilities.”

The Atlas Lions star played one match with Marseille during the current season, against Reims, for the first round of the French Premier League, while the coach excluded him in the other four matches.

Onahi wants to change the atmosphere, after he left the accounts of his Spanish coach, and the team is expected to decide on his future, before the next winter transfer date, after the player expressed his desire not to remain on the bench.

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