Will Musa Al-Taamari continue with Montpellier until the end of his contract?

Nothing is clear yet, regarding the next destination. For the star of the Jordanian national team And the professional player of the French club Montpellier, Musa Al-Taamari, who is training with his team in preparation for the next season, and is waiting to see if any club will come forward to buy his contract.

The Jordanian international aspires to continue his professional career by searching for a better professional experience, and with a more famous team capable of competing in tournaments, but this will remain linked to the clubs’ desire to obtain his services.

Al-Taamari’s market value reached 8 million euros, and Montpellier will not dispense with him unless it receives 10 million euros, as it seeks to benefit financially.

Al-Taamari is one of the most prominent stars of the Jordanian and Arab national teams, and he has established himself as an important player on the yellow continent, after he presented distinguished levels with the Al-Nashama in the last Asian Cup.

What exactly is Musa Al-Taamari thinking?

Always looking for the best, Musa Al-Taamari refuses to take a step back in his ascending professional career, which began in Cyprus, then Belgium and now in France.

Al-Taamari is the first Jordanian player to play in one of the five biggest leagues in the world, and he prefers to continue playing professionally with European clubs, but who among these clubs will pay Montpellier 10 million euros to obtain the services of the Jordanian player?

Musa Al-Taamari refuses to move to a league lower than the French league, as he considers it a setback in his professional career, and over time it may contribute to a decrease in his market value. He is an ambitious player who always strives for the best.

An Arab club may come forward to buy the player’s contract. MontpellierBut Al-Taamari is not thinking about moving to the Arab leagues yet. The player has previously stated more than once that his dreams are endless, and that playing professionally for Real Madrid is one of the dreams he aspires to achieve. So how will he give up on his dream and play in the Arab leagues?

Musa Al-Taamari receives offers from Italy, Germany and Spain

Although Montpellier Club did not officially talk about any contract that Al-Taamari received, some press sources confirmed that he received offers from German, Spanish and Italian clubs, but these clubs did not submit the financial offer that matches Montpellier Club’s requests.

Some say that the Saudi Al-Shabab club expressed its willingness to pay 10 million euros to obtain Al-Taamari’s services, but this information is not accurate, and even if Al-Shabab was willing to pay this amount, Al-Taamari refuses to stop his professional career in Europe.

Jamal Salami

The above may lead to two things: the first is that Musa Al-Taamari, 26, will continue with Montpellier until the end of his contract in 2026, or that the French club will agree to sell the player’s contract to a German, Spanish or Italian club for an amount less than 10 million euros.

The coming days will bring more details about Al-Taamari’s career with Montpellier, although the indications so far point to his continuation with his team.

It is worth noting that Montpellier Club expressed its desire to sell the contract of Jordanian star Musa Al-Taamari if it receives an offer that brings it financial benefit.

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