Will Hussein Amouta change his “open” tactics after the Asian Cup?

About a week ago, the Jordanian national football team entered an intensive training camp led by Moroccan Hussein Amouta in preparation for the important confrontation against its Tajik guest scheduled for next Thursday, at the Amman International Stadium in the fifth and penultimate round of the seventh group of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup.

And tops Saudi team The group’s ranking with 10 points and its qualification has become a matter of time, and the struggle for the second ticket will be limited to the Jordanian team, which is in second place with 7 points, and Tajikistan, which is in third place with 5 points, while Pakistan is at the bottom of the standings without any point.

A great opportunity for Al-Nashama to qualify

Al-Hussein Amouta knows very well that the achievement that Al-Nashama recently achieved in Qatar, by being crowned runner-up for the first time in the history of Jordanian football, requires maintaining it by continuing the process with the same determination and confidence until achieving the most important goal, which is reaching the World Cup for the first time.

The Jordanian Federation contracted with Amouta for the main and most important goal of reaching the World Cup, as stated in the terms of his contract, and stumbling against Tajikistan may shatter the dream early.

The Jordanian national team’s chance to qualify for the third round seems strong and strong, as a victory over Tajikistan will officially seal the qualification ticket before facing Saudi Arabia at home, and stumbling may make the task difficult and make it very complicated.

Hussein Amouta demands adjustments to tactics

The performance of the Jordanian national team has become exposed after playing with one tactic in the Asian Cup. Defensive duties are carried out by 7 players, each with a role, and the task of creating offensive games is left to the talented quartet of Mahmoud Mardi, Ali Alwan, Yazan Al-Naimat and Musa Al-Taamari.

This successful tactic is compatible with the capabilities of the Jordanian national team, as Amouta mastered the use of tools by building strong defenses that are difficult to penetrate, but at the same time he invested in 4 players who possess all the characteristics of distinguished attackers and formed a lethal system that amazed the continent’s teams with their capabilities.

The above requires Hussein Amouta to make adjustments, even minor ones, to the Nashama team’s tactics, ideas, and type of attacks, so that the element of surprise is present. Especially since the Tajikistan national team now knows every little thing about the players and the qualities and skills they possess.

There is no doubt that Amouta took these calculations into consideration, especially since the national team’s list witnessed new recruitments led by Arif Al-Hajj, while Muhannad Abu Taha may be among the options that the coach is counting on in the next two matches.

A cat invades Tajikistan's national team training in Doha, Qatar, before Jordan's match in the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in America, Canada and Mexico. One One winwin facebook/fft.tj

Al-Hussein Amouta may resort to strengthening his offensive capabilities better because he will be required to win more than his Tajik counterpart, who is awaiting a confrontation that appears decided on paper against Pakistan in the final round.

Musa Al-Taamari will be among the options for the match, despite suffering from an injury in the ankle area, but Amouta will take into account that Al-Taamari may not be able to play a full match, which requires him to look for other options and give them confidence, in a way that ensures that he maintains Al-Nashama’s offensive power and avoids any possible defect. This may harm her, and Arif Al-Hajj may be one of the most prominent options.

Amouta should also realize that the players of the Nashama national team may suffer from a state of fatigue at the end of their season with their clubs, and this requires him to pay more attention than before to the bench players.

Also, playing between the lines is a method that Al-Nashama and coach Al-Hassan Amouta do not rely on much, despite its importance in confusing the opponent’s accounts, and adopting it requires granting greater freedom to the midfield players Nour Al-Rawabdeh and Nizar Al-Rashdan to advance and finance Al-Naimat with through balls that contribute to exposing the Tajik defense lines in more than one way.

The opportunity for stardom, based on the quality of players that Amouta depends on to accomplish the task, gives rise to optimism, but without detracting from the state of development that the Tajikistan national team is experiencing. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the opponent as it should, and without abandoning the importance of imposing control and intensifying offensive campaigns, especially since The star player will be armed with the staff of the ground and the public, and advancing with a goal and then retreating may bring uncalculated consequences and cause him to be prohibited. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously strive to invest all available opportunities to resolve the result and qualify together.

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