Will Esperance be exposed to “systematic confusion” before the Al-Ahly clash?

Tunisian club Esperance, with all its components, including players, management and fans, is preparing for the most important date of this season, when it meets its experienced rival, Al-Ahly of Egypt, next Saturday in the first leg of the final of the competition. African Champions League.

At a time when the team was supposed to focus on the first half of the continental dialogue, which the “Hammadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium” will receive, unexpected disturbances occurred that contributed to the flood of the Esperance Cup, which expressed great “discontent and anger” from some sports structures in Tunisia, considering that they seek In every way to obstruct the progress of the “most successful” Tunisian team at home and abroad.

Esperance explodes due to “hitting below the belt”

“Team Fury Returns”Blood and gold“To the punishment imposed by the Football League Office, preventing his fans from attending two upcoming matches, and fining him with a financial penalty of 7,500 Tunisian dinars (that is, approximately 2,500 US dollars).

The source of the anger of the Esperance administration, according to the statements of the media official at the capital club, Walid Garfala, was not due to the symbolic financial penalty nor even a rejection of the principle of the penalty, as “returning to throwing bottles” in two consecutive matches requires the punishment of automatically preventing the attendance of fans according to the text of the law, other than What angered those in charge of the “Sheikh of Clubs” was the timing of the announcement of the decision, which Esperance considers to cause confusion and distraction, before a major African final, on which the club is counting heavily to regain the title that has been absent since 2019.

Guerfala, who is usually known for his calm personality in media circles, translated the state of anger afflicting the Esperance administration, by accusing some Tunisian sports structures of obstructing the team’s progress, or what he expressed verbally as “hitting below the belt,” indicating the presence of hidden hands that do not You want success for the team.

Esperance cites Al-Ahly club to prove the “double standards policy”

The media attaché of Esperance Club, in a press conference held yesterday, Wednesday, did not stop at the limits of the association’s sanctions only, but rather directed the blame to the most prominent structure, the Tunisian Football Federation, which is also suffering from a state of administrative vacuum (there is only a temporary committee to conduct business). In light of the rejection of all candidacy files for the position of president, which has remained vacant since the decision to place Wadih Al-Jari in prison.

In his “reprimand” to the Tunisian Football Federation, Guerfala assured those present that the reason for Esperance’s failure to attend the federation’s meetings was due to this atmosphere, which was characterized by ambiguity and lack of trust, and the constant refusal to facilitate the team’s mission, by not taking into account its “busy match schedule.”

To prove the “policy of double standards” that Esperance suffers from, which has shouldered “alone” in recent years the task of honoring the Tunisian flag at the club level, as it is always a difficult number in continental competitions, Guerfala cited the “unparalleled” state of support it enjoys. Al-Ahly From the Egyptian Football Association, by allowing the postponement of a large number of its local matches, whether in the league or the cup, so that it prepares with the best chances of winning the continental coronation.

Disturbances on the road disturb the peace of the crowd

Aside from the anger of Esperance’s management, the situation was not better for fans, as the team’s supporters suffered from disturbing their preparations for the upcoming Al-Ahly match, through the disturbance in the process of distributing tickets, which resulted in the disruption of the work of the “metro” for some time and some skirmishes with security, before it was completed. Solve the problem.

With the exception of 17,000 fans with subscriptions to the club, the security meeting that preceded the big date allowed Bab Souika fans to be given only 9,000 tickets, bringing the total number to 27,000 and possibly 30,000 fans who will enter Rades Stadium.

winwin compares the changes in Al-Ahly and Esperance before the CAF Champions League final for the 2023/2024 season

This number is much less than the total capacity of Radès Stadium, which the security services refuse to grant a full crowd capacity for regulatory and security considerations. Perhaps this is also a form of “inequality” between Esperance and Al-Ahly, the latter of which will have a larger capacity in the Cairo International Stadium. At the return summit, on Saturday, May 25th.

It should be noted that Esperance is targeting its fifth cup in the African Champions League, while Al-Ahly, the defending champion and the record holder in winning the tournament, will try to win the title for the twelfth time in its history.

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