Will Amer Hussein leave next season? Tharwat Sweilem settles the matter

Tharwat Sweilem, a member of the Egyptian Professional Football Clubs Association, revealed a major surprise by denying that Amer Hussein, head of the Competitions Committee, would leave his position next season.

Rumors have been circulating in the past period that the current season might be the last for Amer Hussein in his position, especially with the recent crisis in which the Zamalek club was the hero, in which it decided not to complete its matches in Egyptian League.

And he objected Zamalek On the match schedule, he demanded that the competitors play the first round matches first, and decided not to play the Al-Ahly match, before returning to participate in the league against Ceramica after rumors confirmed that Amer Hussein would leave his position next season.

Tharwat Saleem denies Amer Hussein’s departure from his position

Tharwat Sweilem, a member of the Club Association, said on an Egyptian television program: “It is not true that the current season is the last for Amer Hussein,” as he praised the effort he is making and his relationship with the clubs, as he said.

The rumours of Amer Hussein’s departure were reinforced after the appearance of more than one letter from the association and the competitions committee that was not signed in his name, before it became clear that the reason for this was his presence in Alexandria, where the executive director in Cairo signs in his absence.

A scene from a previous match between Zamalek and Ceramica Cleopatra in the Egyptian League

Zamalek beat its guest Ceramica Cleopatra (4-2) in Round 28, raising its score to 34 points from 22 matches in tenth place, behind Ceramica Cleopatra in ninth place with 37 points.

Zamalek had refused to play the match against Al-Ahly, which was scheduled for the 27th round, demanding that no match be held in the second round before the end of all the postponed matches from the first round of the competition, which was rejected by the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association.

The African Confederation Cup champion was considered to have lost the match with a score of (0-2), with 3 additional points deducted from its balance, and financial fines imposed on those who decided to withdraw.

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