Will Al-Taamari miss the confrontation with Jordan and Saudi Arabia?

Leave The starchy team To the capital, Riyadh, to face Saudi Arabia, next Tuesday, in the sixth and final round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, while Musa Al-Taamari’s participation or not remains to raise questions.

The Jordanian national team seemed complete, as it will not suffer from any absences in the upcoming and important confrontation in which the desire to achieve victory will be overwhelming on both sides.

The question that comes to mind remains: Will Al-Taamari participate in this match? Although the Al-Nashama team has clinched its qualification, there is no need for any adventures, given that the Tajikistan match last Thursday revealed that the player is still in the process of being prepared, after being injured while participating with his team, Montpellier, in the French League.

Jordanian football fans, after a disastrous first half against Tajikistan, called on Amouta to rest the French Montpellier star, after it appeared that he still needed more time to fully recover from the injury, but the player took it upon himself and played until the 80th minute.

Will Amouta be comfortable with Al-Taamari facing Jordan and Saudi Arabia?

In light of the above, the website win winBased on his personal sources and his closeness to the Al-Nashama camp, he believes that Al-Taamari will not miss the opportunity to appear in this match specifically, for several reasons, the most important of which is that he is looking forward to confirming his recovery after he was absent from the scene of scoring and making goals in the Tajikistan match. Also, the confrontation is important and captures the attention of the fans. Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Also, Al-Taamari is one of the types of players who love to leave their mark in big matches, and seeks to provide an influential addition to the starving team that aspires to restore reputation, after losing the first leg at home and among its fans to the Saudi Al-Akhdar with two unanswered goals.

Tuesday’s confrontation is of great importance, as its result will determine the identity of the Group Seven champion, and victory will contribute to improving the international rankings for both. The Jordanian national team is currently settled in the third level, and its victory over Saudi Arabia, which surpassed it in the classification, will improve its classification before the date of the draw for the decisive round of the World Cup qualifiers, which will be drawn on June 27 of this month.

Musa Al-Taamari's survival in the French League is in doubt

It is enough for the Jordanian team to win by any result to take the lead in Group Seven on goal difference, while for the Saudi team, at least a draw is enough to maintain the lead.

The Saudi national team leads the group standings with 13 points, while the Al-Nashama team settles second with 10 points, and both the Tajikistan national team (5 points) and Pakistan (no points) were eliminated from the competition for the two qualification cards.

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