Will Al-Nashama stars Al-Naimat and Alwan play professionally in the same country?

Moroccan Jamal Salami, coach of the Jordanian national team, announced this evening, Tuesday, the addition of three new players to the list of local players that he had revealed two days ago and included 24 players, from which important professional players were absent, such as Yazan Al-Naimat and Musa Al-Taamari.

Salami decided to include Nizar Al-Rashdan andAli AlwanAnd goalkeeper Yazid Abu Laila to the list of local players, and they are the main pillars that Hussein Ammouta, the former coach of Al-Nashama, relied on in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers.

The official website of the Jordanian Federation stated that Abu Laila and Al-Rashdan will also join the camp. Jordan The next one is in Turkey, which is scheduled to start on July 17, while Ali Alwan will only participate in the internal gathering in the capital Amman, which starts on Thursday and lasts for only six days.

Where are Al-Naimat, Al-Arab and Naseeb… and what is the story of Alwan?

The Jordanian national team list lacked some important names, such as Yazan Al-Naimat, Musa Al-Taamari, Nour Al-Rawabdeh, Abdullah Naseeb, and Yazan Al-Arab.

Everyone knows that Al-Taamari is currently involved in training with the French Montpellier team, and Nour Al-Rawabdeh has joined the training of the Malaysian Solangor team, and therefore they were not included in the Al-Nashama list.

The question that comes to mind is: Why were Al-Naimat, Al-Arab, Alwan and Naseeb not included, as they are not bound by any contracts with any club?

And through the conclusion of the site “win winFollowing the news of the Al-Nashama stars, Al-Naimat, after terminating his contract with Al-Ahly of Qatar, seeks to decide his next destination before starting the actual preparations for the decisive round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The player is waiting for an offer from Al Jazira of the Emirates, led by Moroccan Hussein Ammouta, who knows the player’s offensive capabilities well, so he decided not to join the training of the Brave at the present time, so that he can move if he is asked to travel to sign the contract.

Yazan Alnaimat, Jordan national team star (facebook / Yazan Alnaimat)

As for Ali Alwan, it is customary, due to the friendship that unites him with Al-Naimat, for them to play professionally in the same country, which means that if Yazan signs for Al-Jazira, Alwan may also be destined for the UAE league.

Alwan received unofficial offers from Emirati and Iraqi clubs, so he apologized for participating in the Turkey camp, and was satisfied with attending the local gathering in anticipation of any new developments regarding his signing a contract with one of the Arab clubs.

Also, Abdullah Naseeb may continue with Al-Hussein Irbid team or play professionally in Morocco or elsewhere, but what is clear is that he is waiting for a professional offer abroad, and the same applies to Yazan Al-Arab, as there is talk about the possibility of him playing professionally in South Korea, which has made the possibility of them joining the training of the Nashama at the present time difficult.

Jordan national team list

Nour Bani Attia, Abdullah Al-Fakhouri, Ahmed Jaidi, Yazid Abu Laila, Ihsan Haddad, Firas Shalbaya, Yousef Abu Al-Jazar, Hussam Abu Dhahab, Muhannad Abu Taha, Salem Al-Ajaleen, Abdullah Naseeb, Saad Al-Rousan, Baraa Marai, Muhammad Abu Al-Nadi, Mahmoud Shawkat, Rajai Ayed, Yousef Abu Jalboush, Wassim Al-Riyalat, Aref Al-Hajj, Mahmoud Marzi, Muhammad Abu Zureiq “Sharaara”, Saif Darwish, Muhammad Abu Rizq, Anas Al-Awadat, Bakr Kalbouna, Nizar Al-Rashdan, Ali Alwan.

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