Why did Toni Kroos retire early from Real Madrid?

One of the questions that has arisen for these football followers recently is why did Toni Kroos retire early from Real Madrid? Especially since the German midfielder still maintains his usual physical and technical elegance in his matches with the Royal team Spanish.

Last May, Kroos announced that he would hang up his boots at the end of the season, and the 2024 Champions League final match against Borussia Dortmund was the player’s last with Real Madrid, as Kroos celebrated the sixth cup in his career and the fifth with the Merengue.

At Wembley Stadium, Spaniard Dani Carvajal and Brazilian Vinicius Junior scored for Real Madrid, and both players presented the cup to Kroos because he was one of the stars of the match, and because he played the last minutes in the shirt of the team that has been defending its colors since 2014.

Despite some Spanish sources confirming that Kroos will renew his contract with Real Madrid, the player surprised everyone by announcing his retirement, and he will first have to participate with the German national team in the Euro 2024 finals that his country will host in a few days, before he retires from the game permanently.

Why did Toni Kroos retire at this time?

platform Madrid Universal Those interested in Merengue took up space and answered the question, “Why did Toni Kroos retire early?” She said that he wanted to get out of the big door and retire at the peak of his performance, as he did not want to wait for his levels to deteriorate until he made the decision to retire.

With medical and technological advances, diets and physical attention, players have become longer on the field, so it was strange for Kroos to retire at the age of 34, while a player like Ronaldo is entering his 40th year and is still playing the game.

Indeed, Kroos’s colleague at Real Madrid, Luka Modric, who is approaching the age of 39, is still active with the team and has renewed his contract. There are many examples, including two veteran strikers, Frenchman Olivier Giroud, 37 years old, and Polish Robert Lewandowski, 36 years old.

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Kroos refused to move to a less competitive and more lucrative league, such as the American, Saudi, or Chinese league, as he fulfilled his pledge that he made years ago to the team’s fans, when he said that he would retire with the Real Madrid jersey and would not play for any other team before retiring.

The player also preferred to devote some time to his personal life, his family, and the economic projects he founded years ago, and here you can find out the reasons why Toni Kroos retired at such an early time compared to other European football stars.

Toni Kroos’s numbers with Real Madrid

During his time with Real Madrid, Kroos provided 99 assists in all tournaments, scored 28 goals over 10 seasons in 465 matches, and led the team to win 23 titles, most notably five times the Champions League champion, and the same in the Club World Cup.

  • 10 seasons
  • 465 matches
  • 28 goals
  • 99 Assist
  • 23 titles
  • 37 thousand minutes

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