Wholesale gains Why is London hosting the Champions League final?

Hosting a European final has become a very lucrative matter for the city that wins the right to host the Champions League final, or other final matches in European club competitions.

While the idea of ​​holding the finals of African club competitions did not succeed, this idea appears to be very successful when the date is with the European continent’s competitions.

Asia would not think of such a thing, given the huge distances that fans have to travel to attend a one-match Asian final, while you can add another reason for Africa, which is the high cost of travel and the economic level is much lower than its European counterpart.

The African Union tried to implement the idea in 2022, when Morocco hosted the final African Champions League Between Wydad of Morocco and Al-Ahly of Egypt, the final that witnessed a long battle outside the field, in which each side used its administrative and media arms, and ended with the idea not succeeding, after the supposedly neutral final turned into a final in which the Mohammed V complex was crowded with huge numbers of fans of the Moroccan team, while the Moroccan team was unable to… Only about 2,000 Ahlawy fans attended the match.

The idea is generally old, as CAF implemented it in the African Super Cup final, which was held between Zamalek and Al-Ahly in Johannesburg in 1994, and it was attended by only a small number of Egyptians who traveled from the far north of the continent to the far south, so CAF relied in most of the Super Finals after that, on The preference for the holder of the African Champions League to host the match is based on the strength of the tournament, compared to the African Confederation Cup.

Things look completely different on the European continent, where transportation is much cheaper and distances are shorter, in addition to ease of movement and a higher economic level that allows the movement of a huge number of club supporters, in matches that remain ingrained in the hearts of these fans forever.

London’s profits during its hosting of the 2024 Champions League final

The Irish capital, Dublin, hosted the European League final the week before last, between Bayer Leverkusen and Atalanta, and Dublin Airport prepared to receive more than 30,000 fans who came from Germany and Italy, as well as from England, specifically the city of Liverpool, where a number of supporters of its most important club bought tickets for the final match, which was The Reds are expected to qualify, had it not been for Atalanta’s triple thunderbolt at Anfield.

In a report by Forbes Economic Magazine, the American magazine stated that Dublin was planning a financial injection of around $26 million from the profits of all economic activities that the city collected from these fans, from accommodation, food, purchases, and so on.

The same thing will be repeated in London on the occasion of the 2024 Champions League final, as Forbes stated in another separate report that the city of London expects to reap $68 million from the profits of all economic activities that will be provided to the fans of Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, who have crowded the streets of London since yesterday, and appeared. Clearly visible in many of the main squares in central London.

Zamorano favors Real Madrid in the Champions League final (Record.pl) One Win Winwin

The matter is receiving constant attention from the Mayor of London, Siddiq Khan, who spoke to the press, expressing his city’s readiness for this huge event, from which the English capital seeks to benefit in the best possible way.

The London Metro will be very busy serving more than 50,000 fans, who came from Germany and Spain specifically for the match. In this regard, London Transport Commissioner Andy Lord said that the metro lines will be ready to deliver fans to all desired places, from restaurants, shopping centres, hotels and others. .

It is worth noting that the German city of Munich is scheduled to host the Champions League final next season, which will witness a significant change in the tournament system, as a step by the European Football Association to confront the European Super League project, through which some European clubs led by Real Madrid are seeking independence by organizing the most important… A European club competition, away from the umbrella of UEFA, which these clubs accuse of depriving them of collecting a greater sum of money from the same tournament.

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