Who is the best goalkeeper in Egypt at saving penalty kicks?

Measuring the selection of the best goalkeeper in Egypt is subject to many things, including the clean sheet (which does not necessarily reflect the strength of the goalkeeper), but perhaps the strength of the defense, the strength of the team, and its lack of exposure to attacks, as there are other criteria for measuring the strength of the goalkeeper, such as the number of saves, the percentage of saves, and goals received. , and compare them with the goals that could have been expected.

But the skill of the goalkeepers in penalty kicks gives a clear and fair idea of ​​what is special about them, as it is a skill and an art. The goalkeeper has a decisive role in all football matches, and this role becomes even more important when it comes to penalty kicks, as the confrontation is individual between him and the kicker. Between the kicker’s skill in shooting and the goalkeeper’s skill in blocking.

Although penalty kicks place a huge burden on shooters, their burden remains greater on goalkeepers. Certain goalkeepers have always excelled at what has been called “lucky kicks,” whether through careful study of the opponent or innate skill in handling shots.

The best goalkeeper in Egypt at saving penalty kicks

Looking at the numbers of guards in Egyptian League In the last five seasons, Mohamed Abdel Monsef tops the list of goalkeepers who saved penalty kicks with 8 out of 17 kicks he faced, with a success rate of 47%.

He is followed by Arab Contractors goalkeeper Mahmoud Abu Al-Saud, who saved 6 penalty kicks, but this number is weak compared to the number of penalty kicks he faced, as he faced 38 penalty kicks, which is the largest number shot at a goalkeeper in the Egyptian League in the last 5 years, and behind them is Mohamed Fawzi, a goalkeeper. Al-Ismaili, who saved 5 penalty kicks.

As the picture below shows the goalkeepers who saved the most penalty kicks in the last five seasons of the Egyptian League, there are 7 goalkeepers who succeeded in saving 4 penalty kicks, including Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy and Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad.

However, Mohamed Awad remains the best goalkeeper in Egypt at saving penalty kicks, as he saved 4 penalty kicks out of 7 kicks taken against his goal, with a success rate of more than 57%, or more than half. He is the only goalkeeper who has more than half the percentage of those who scored 5 or more kicks.

It is known that Mohamed Awad has the skill of saving penalty kicks, since he was in Ismaily and in Saudi Arabia, and the previous statistics were limited to the Egyptian League, knowing that he saved penalty kicks in the African Championships, the Egyptian Cup Championships, and others.

Goalkeepers’ style of penalty kicks

Goalkeepers’ methods of stopping penalty kicks differ, as the goalkeeper has only fractions of a second when the player reaches the shooting spot to determine where he will jump.

Some guards choose in advance the angle at which they will throw. Some of them wait until the last breath of the shooter and jump towards the shooting angle, which is what was done by Helmuth Dukadam, the Romanian goalkeeper of Steaua Bucharest, who succeeded in saving four penalty kicks against Barcelona in the 1986 Champions League final.

Part of the Spanish El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona (Marca)

But this method remains difficult and complicated, as the goalkeeper does not have enough time to catch the ball if it is hit hard, as it will often precede him even if it comes in the same place as the jump.

But with the availability of data and statistics to study shooting locations and the method of execution, the goalkeeper can now guess where the player will shoot the ball. This is a method that Awad has relied on a lot for a long time.

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