When is the UEFA Euro 2024 and where will the next Euro be held?

Football fans around the world are waiting for a hot summer as hot as last season, as more than one highly anticipated continental tournament is being held, led by Euro 2024.

The Arab public enjoyed the African Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup in the middle of last season, and the two editions made their promises in the hope that the summer tournaments would provide more for international teams than their predecessors did during the winter.

Everyone is anticipating the launch of the European Nations 2024. Many football fans, whether fans or specialists, see it as a mini-World Cup, bringing together the continent’s major players in the round, with the exception of the major South American nations, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The Latin American trio will also be on a date with them this summer, when their continental championship, Copa America 2024, will be held in conjunction with UEFA Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 groups and schedule of European Nations matches until the final

In the following lines, we learn about the date of the European Nations Championship 2024, the teams participating in the seventeenth edition of the European Nations Cup, where Euro 2024 will be held, and more.

When is the European Championship 2024?

The Organizing Committee set the date for the 2024 European Championship on Friday, June 14, 2024, which is the date on which the public used to follow the tournament during previous editions.

The competitions of the old continent’s top people for the silver cup, which is valued at gold, will continue for a whole month, as the final date of Euro 2024 is Sunday, July 14, 2024.

Where will Euro 2024 be held?

Euro 2024 will be held in Germany. This is the first occasion on which the entire European Nations Cup will be held on German territory after its unification and the demolition of the Berlin Wall at the end of the last century, but it can be considered the second hosting after some Euro 2020 matches were held in German stadiums.

But the machines had previously hosted the tournament before unification, when the cup was held in 1988 in West Germany, and the hosts were eliminated from the semi-finals at that time.

What is the system of the European Nations Euro 2024?

For the third consecutive edition, the Euro 2024 competition will be held with the participation of 24 teams, which will be divided into 6 groups according to classification and with a draw held in March.

The winner and runner-up from each group qualify, followed by the best 4 teams that achieved third place, completing the 16 teams that qualified for the final eight.

The Euro 2024 system will switch to a knockout format starting from this round, and will continue until the final match scheduled for July 14, 2024.

Which team has won the European Championship the most in history?

Germany and Spain are the most successful European champions in history, having won the title on 3 previous occasions.

France and Italy won the title twice, while 6 teams won the title once. Perhaps the most surprising was Greece in 2004 and Denmark in 1992.

The teams that have won European Nations throughout history

The elected Hero Runner-up
Germany 3 (1972، 1980، 1996) 3 (1976، 1992، 2008)
Spain 3 (1964، 2008، 2012) 1(1984)
Italy 2 (1968، 2020) 2(2000، 2012)
France 2(1984، 2000) 1(2016)
Russia 1(1960) 3(1964، 1972، 1988)
Czech Republic 1(1976) 1(1996)
Portugal 1(2016) 1(2004)
Holland 1(1988)
Denmark 1(1992)
Greece 1(2004)

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