WhatsApp uses a quick reply bar to respond faster to photos, videos, and GIFs

Subtract application WhatsApp Recently feature New it’s calledChannels, Which Allows For users construction Channels communication Mono direction For interactions The wide And the unknown.

Working This is amazing Channels In a way Different on Chats standard, Than Allow For officials With participation Species Different from Content like Texts And pictures And clips the video And stickers And polls The opinion with Preservation on Privacy for every from Officials And followers.

He was Reception For this Advantage Mixed until now. And often what Testing application WhatsApp Advantages Different in I copied it Experimental, Which no Reach all of them to Release Constant. And it is done to merge some Features in Release Constant, while may be Complete ignorance Some The other or It remains Exclusive For release Experimental.

And in Latest Issuance experimental from WhatsApp ( available from during program Google Play Beta, Submitted Platform feature New it’s calledtape Reply“.

And according For WABetaInfo, Allows This is amazing Advantage For users Response quickly For pictures And clips the video And files GIF Without Departure the screen current, Than Improves flow Conversations And its context.

Aim to that to reduction Interruptions And improvement an experience interaction the user In a way general. to reach to This is amazing advantage, what upon you but stabilizing last to update experimental To apply WhatsApp from a store Google Play, And from Expected that He is for him Issuance Wider almost.

In addition to that, He works WhatsApp on to improve an experience the user from during series from updates, With what in that Abbreviations To add Participants Easily to Calls Collective And input feature ““Flows” To improve Experiences the shopping inside Application.


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