What is the new AFC Champions League 2 tournament next season?

The Asian Football Confederation’s attempts to develop club competitions continue, and starting with the 2024-2025 sports season, it will make a radical change in the usual competitions and new tournaments will be created, led by the AFC Champions League 2.

Over the past two decades, fans have become accustomed to only two club tournaments being played in Asia. The first, most important and largest is the Champions League, and the other is the AFC Cup, but within the framework of the development policy followed recently, this system has become a thing of the past.

The Asian Club Championships will then be held at 3 levels, the first and most important of which is the “Elite” AFC Champions League, the second will be the AFC Champions League 2, and the last will be the Challenge Cup, which will practically succeed the AFC Cup.

Dates of the AFC Champions League Elite League matches for the 2024-25 season

Below we review with you the nature of the AFC Champions League 2 competition, which teams are participating in it, and more details.

What is the new AFC Champions League 2?

According to what was announced by the Asian Football Confederation, the AFC Champions League 2 will be the second tournament in terms of importance and public momentum for clubs in the yellow continent, as it will include second-tier clubs, and will include 32 clubs, that is, more than the clubs participating in the elite competition, as well as more than the clubs. Participation in the Challenge Cup.

What is the new AFC Champions League 2 tournament system?

AFC Champions League 2 will be played in the same system as the AFC Champions League in the last decade, with 32 teams participating, 16 from the West and 16 from the East, starting with the group stage.

It must be noted here that the groups will once again be divided based on geographical considerations, and the first two teams will qualify for the round of 16, and from here the knockout stage begins with a home-and-away match system, leading to the final, which will be played in a single-match system on Saudi soil.

Which clubs are participating in AFC Champions League 2?

From Saudi Arabia, the fourth-place finisher will qualify in the Roshan League, and in Qatar, Al-Wakrah will participate as the fourth-place finisher in the Qatari League, while from the Emirates, either the third or fourth-place finisher will participate.

Al-Hussein Irbid, champion of the Jordanian League, will participate, while whoever wins the Iraq Cup title will represent Mesopotamia in the competition, and Al-Khalidiya, champion of the Bahraini League, will play in the competition directly from the group stage.

The Jordan Cup champion, the Kuwaiti League champion, Al-Kuwait Club, and Al-Ahly, the Bahrain Cup champion, will play in the playoffs before the groups.

Clubs participating in AFC Champions League 2 – Group Stage (West)

Country the team
Saudi Arabia Third in the Saudi League
Qatar Al Wakrah
The UAE Third or fourth in the UAE League
Iran Third in the Iranian league
Uzbekistan Nasaf
Iraq Iraq Cup champion
Jordan Al-Hussein Irbid
Tajikistan Esteghlal
India Mohun Baghan
the two seas Khalidiya

Clubs participating in the AFC Champions League Playoff 2 (West)

Country the team
Jordan Jordan Cup champion
Tajikistan Rashvan Kulob
India Super Cup champion
the two seas Al-Ahly
Kuwait Kuwait
Turkmenistan The league champion

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