What is the history of France and Spain confrontations in all tournaments?

One step away from the final, France and Spain will clash in the semi-finals of Euro 2024 at the Allianz Arena.

The French are pinning their hopes on achieving a new continental title for their team and making amends to the fans. The French team was very close to winning the World Cup before Argentina ended their dreams and won the title.

On the other hand, Spain enters the match with high morale after surprising everyone with a distinguished performance starting from the group stage, and was able to overcome the obstacle of host Germany and was able to eliminate the machines from the tournament.

A historic nightmare haunts France before facing Spain in Euro 2024

In this report, we review with you the history of the confrontations between the French and Spanish national teams in the Euro and the World Cup, and all official tournaments and friendly matches.

What is the history of France and Spain’s Euro matches?

The history of France and Spain’s confrontations in the Euro is the match in 4 matches, and the Roosters have the advantage over the Matador, as they achieved two wins compared to one for the Matador, and one match between them ended in a draw.

The last meeting between the two teams was in the European Nations Championship in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, where the Spanish team won by two goals, and continued on to the final of the competition and celebrated winning the title.

While the last victory of the French national team over La Roja was in the quarter-finals of Euro 2000, and the Roosters won by a score of two goals to one and won the tournament as well.

What is the history of France and Spain matches in the World Cup?

The French national team met the Spanish national team only once in the World Cup, in the round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup, and the match ended with a 2-1 victory for the French national team.

What is the history of confrontations between France and Spain in all tournaments?

The history of official confrontations between France and Spain in all tournaments and friendly matches is 36 matches, and the Matador is superior in official confrontations with 16 victories, while the Roosters achieved 13 victories, and 7 matches ended in a draw.

In addition to the previous tournaments, the two teams met twice in the World Cup qualifiers, with Spain winning one match and the second ending in a draw. They met 4 times in the Euro qualifiers, with France winning twice, Spain winning once and the two teams drawing once.

In the European Nations League, the two teams met once, which ended in favor of the Roosters, in addition to playing 26 friendly matches, during which the French team won 7 times, the Spanish team won 14 times, and the teams drew 5 times.

History of confrontations between Spain and France

Championship Matches France win Spain win tie
European Nations Cup 4 2 1 1
world Cup 1 1 0 0
UEFA Nations League 1 1 0 0
World Cup qualifiers 2 0 1 1
Euro qualifiers 2 2 0 0
History of official confrontations 10 6 2 2
Friendly matches 26 7 14 5
History of confrontations between France and Spain 36 13 16 7

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