What is Pedri’s injury in the Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 match?

Pedri’s injury in Spain’s match against Germany made it the first match of the quarter-finals of the tournament. European Nations Cup 2024, the event among the Spanish fans, especially since it came after a rough intervention by one of the Real Madrid players, Barcelona’s rival.

The Barcelona star suffered a serious injury after only three minutes of the match, following a rough tackle from German national team and Real Madrid player Toni Kroos, forcing Pedri to leave the field and not complete the match.

What is Spain’s path to the Euro 2024 final?

The coach was forced Spanish national team Luis de la Fuente made an early emergency substitution, taking off Pedri and bringing on Dani Olmo, after confirming the Barcelona player was unable to complete the match.

How did Pedri get injured in the Spain-Germany match?

While the Spanish players were preparing a quick counterattack, Rodri quickly sent the ball to Pedri in the middle, who collided with Real Madrid player Toni Kroos, who directly tackled him in order to cut the ball, but his intervention was not clean enough.

TV replays showed that Kroos directly tackled Pedri’s foot, which caused the latter to fall immediately and scream in pain, so the referee intervened and announced a foul for the Spanish team without issuing any card to the German player.

The Spanish players strongly protested against the English referee, Anconi Taylor, and demanded that he give at least a yellow card to Toni Kroos for his reckless tackle on the Barcelona star, but the referee stuck to his opinion and only declared a foul for Spain.

What is Pedri’s injury in the Spain-Germany match?

Pedri’s injury in the Spain-Germany match appears to be at the knee level, as the player held his right knee, as Kroos’ intervention was focused on it, and it is likely that the player suffered a knee sprain.

Pedri injured in Spain-Germany match

The Barcelona player will undergo detailed medical examinations in the coming hours to determine the nature of his injury, and to determine his ability to play if Spain qualifies for the semi-finals.

Pedri, Spain midfielder

It is worth noting that Pedri participated in 3 matches of the current Euro before today’s match, while he remained on the bench in the match against Albania in order to rest him, after securing the qualification to the round of 16 in advance.

Despite his injury, Pedri became the youngest player to participate in 10 matches in the European Nations Cup in history, at the age of 21 years and 223 days.

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