What is happening is not befitting of Iraqi football!

Radhi Shenaishil, coach of the Iraqi Olympic team, expressed his great dissatisfaction with the way his team’s delegation left for France in preparation for participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Attention delegation Olympic team The Iraqi, at dawn today, Wednesday, arrived in France in preparation for participating in the Paris Olympics, which will begin at the end of July.

Shenishil said towin win“The situation of the Iraqi Olympic team during its trip to France is not befitting of Iraqi football. Things were supposed to be better and the Iraqi team should have received great attention from those concerned, but unfortunately we did not see this and the opposite happened. We will represent Iraq in the Olympics and our delegation should receive all the attention and the best possible means should be provided.”

Radhi Shenaishil added: “A miserable bus transported the Iraqi delegation to Baghdad Airport. The designated bus does not suit us or any Iraqi athlete, especially one who represents the country in foreign forums. The situation we were in was very difficult, not to mention the problems that accompanied the team, such as the failure to agree on the shirt equipment due to the lack of coordination between the Iraqi Federation and the National Olympic Committee.”

“We will put everything aside, we will not think about the problems while we are in France, we will only focus on playing football and we hope to present levels worthy of the name of Iraqi football. I trust the players and the assistant staff as well. We will do everything we can to be up to the responsibility and compete with the rest of the group team. We will face difficult teams such as Argentina, Morocco and Ukraine and this matter requires double efforts,” he added.

Radhi Shenishil rises to the challenge

He continued: “Nothing is impossible in football. The game is about duties and performance, and we trust our team, which has distinguished players who can change the outcome of the match at any moment. We have ambition and confidence, and we hope to provide the level that the Iraqi fans are waiting for and to go far in the Olympics.”

Darjal Vashnishel

The Iraqi delegation was absent from the Air Force team, which will play the Iraq Cup final against Al-Shorta this evening. It is hoped that Ayman Hussein, Ibrahim Bayesh and Ali Jassim will join the team immediately after the match ends.

The professional players will also join the Iraqi team delegation in France, starting from Thursday, while the arrival of the Dutch Heerenveen professional, Hussein Ali, who is on Radhi Shenaishil’s list, will be delayed due to his preoccupation with his team’s preparations for the new season.

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