What has changed in Pyramids to become the first candidate to win the Egyptian League?

The Pyramids club’s crisis since it placed itself among the ranks of the greats in Egyptian football has always been the last meters in all tournaments, whether cup finals or in the local league.

But this season, as the rounds pass in the Egyptian League, the team’s strength increases.Pyramids“Expectations are increasing regarding his ability to achieve the first title in his history.

Following its recent victory over Ceramica Cleopatra, Pyramids reached 14 consecutive matches without losing in the league since losing to Ceramica Cleopatra itself in the first round.

The Heavenly Team’s tally of consecutive victories in the league this season rose to 7 victories, the second longest streak in its history in the competition after the 2022-23 season, with 9 victories.

Part of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match (Getty)

Pyramids have not lost at Air Defense Stadium this season locally, in 11 matches, winning 7, drawing 4, and scoring 25 points at home, and they are at the top of the standings since Week 13 until the time of writing these lines.

What has changed in Pyramids this season?

At the same stage last season (after 20 matches), Pyramids was in second place with coach Jaime Pacheco, having won 11 matches, lost 3, and tied 6.

After 20 matches this season, the team won 14 matches, tied 5, and lost one match, and is at the top of the standings. This means that Pyramids achieved 39 points last season in the first 20 matches, and this season they have 47 points in the same number, an increase of 8 points.

By numerical comparison, it is clear that Pyramids this season has become stronger offensively, in contrast to his period with Pacheco, who plays more conservatively, as the number of shots on goal and goals scored has increased, and there is a big difference in the opportunities created.

Pyramids created 207 chances in the first 20 matches last season, and in the same number of matches this season they created 262, a full increase of 55 chances. This is due to the team’s style and the diversity of sources of creating opportunities.

Diversity of sources of opportunities and goals in Pyramids

Last season, after 20 rounds, everything was revolving around Ramadan Sobhi. He was the top scorer with 6 goals, he had the most goals (5 assists) and he had the most chances (31 chances).

But the current season, the solutions varied between Ramadan Sobhi, Mostafa Fathi, and Fiston Miley, and the full-backs, Mohamed Hamdi, Mohamed El-Sheibi, and others. For example, Mohamed El-Sheibi is the one who created the most goals, and the top scorer is Feston Miley.

Unique strikers

Pyramids’ problem in recent years has been their lack of strong strikers, but this season they have Feston Miley, one of the league’s top scorers with 8 goals so far, and he has shown outstanding levels, in addition to the presence of Marwan Hamdy and others.

Crosses and the role of full-backs

If we look at the players in Pyramids who create the most opportunities; We will find Mohamed El-Shibi, the Moroccan right-back (also the most in the league as a whole), with 52 chances, and in second place comes the left-back, Mohamed Hamdi (31 chances created).

That is, the full-backs are the ones who create the most opportunities due to the team’s attacking tendency, unlike the Pacheco period, and Ramadan Sobhi and Mostafa Fathi, the “wingers” in creating opportunities, come after them.

Squad depth and offensive tendency

Pyramids now has depth in its squad and great options in all lines, and its exit from the African Champions League made it find a physical outlet that enables it to play comfortably from the first minute until the last.

The offensive tendency can simply be explained by the fact that it is more the difference in Egyptian League The team has the most ball possession (64%) and wins the ball in a third of the opposition, and this does not affect the team’s solidity as it has kept the most clean sheets (11 games) in the Egyptian League so far.

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