What do you know about Enzo Maresca, the new Chelsea coach?

Italian Enzo Maresca (44 years old) became Chelsea coach, according to an official statement issued on Monday, June 3, succeeding his predecessor, Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, who did not last more than one season in the corridors of the London club, as he left after the contract was terminated by mutual consent.

Chelsea changed its coach 6 times in the last two seasons, and this may seem a bad omen for Marisca, but at the same time the bald coach will be somewhat ecstatic about the legacy of good Italian coaches in the team, such as Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelotti and Maurizio Sarri.

Conte, Ancelotti and Sarri won many local and European championships, and left a good reputation for the Italian coach at Chelsea, and now Maresca wants to follow in their footsteps, after putting his ink on a contract linking him to the London club for the next 5 seasons, with the possibility of extending for an additional year.

Maresca led the Leicester City team to win the English Premier League (Championship), which automatically qualified him to return and win a place in the Premier League (Premier League), but he decided to leave the Leicester City Blue to join the London City Blue, in a unique step in his coaching career.

Enzo Maresca, the Italian rebel against norms

Marisca can be considered a natural extension of the new generation of Italian football coaches such as Gasperini, Sarri, De Zerbi, Di Francesco and Thiago Motta, as they turned their backs on the folklore of defensive-based Italian coaching and moved towards modern football.

These new Italian coaches created an unprecedented renaissance and adopted attacking ideas with possession, in a clear revolution against the defensive norms of Italian football, and Marisca can simply be placed among them, especially since he was taught by Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

Marisca took over coaching the youth team at Manchester City in 2020, and after only two years Guardiola included him in his technical staff, gaining a fair amount of experience from the bald Spaniard, and winning four championships with him last season, including the Champions League.

Marisca clearly contributed to refining some of the Sky Team Academy talents and promoting them to the first team, most notably Cole Palmer, who left Manchester City and moved to Chelsea last summer, in addition to Oscar Pope, Romeo Lafia and other players.

Enzo Maresca’s approach to football

Enzo Maresca follows the school of positional play based on possession and changing positions with extreme flexibility in order to create the greatest scoring opportunities, while using high pressing to extract the ball from the opponent in his areas, just as Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Roberto De Zerbi play.

Perhaps Maresca translated the English proverb that says: “With the ball, all players are attackers, and without it, all players are defenders” into reality on the field. He gives his players complex roles and does not adhere to the strictness and restriction of positions, as everyone is constantly moving in different places.

Only Southampton (66%) has a higher possession rate than Leicester City (62%) in the season just passed in the Championship. What distinguishes the Foxes is that their average correct passes per match is 549, a unique number for a team active in the first division.

As is clear from the picture of the team’s seasonal passes, Leicester City relies on building the ball from the back by having the goalkeeper participate in exchanging balls with the defenders, while the main striker goes down to participate in building the attacks, noting the use of imaginary possession by clustering the play in the left corridor and then quickly turning the ball over. To the right wing in the empty space, and this is a tactical game that the team has implemented a lot this season.

Seasonal passes map for Leicester City players (Squawka)

Leicester is the team whose players created the most dangerous scoring chances out of all the teams in the tournament, with 142 chances. It also has the third largest number of touches inside the penalty area, with 1,370 touches, while it is the team whose players won the most penalty kicks from the opponent, with 13 kicks.

In terms of high pressing, Leicester City ranks first in terms of extracting the ball in the final third of the field – the opponent’s third – at a rate of 5 times per match and a total of 230 throughout the season, in a number that reflects the extent of the team’s ferocity in pressing.

In the defensive situation, the tactical drawing changes from 4-3-3 to 4-5-1, where the midfield is crowded with five players, forming a defensive belt to prevent the opponent’s passes deep into the field, while following a man-to-man defense approach, as each Leicester City player is assigned to an opponent player. .

In the following table that we prepared in win win It is clear that Leicester’s numbers with Marisca are better than Chelsea’s season with Pochettino, especially in terms of scoring goals, creating chances and possession, noting that the Championship is a strong and highly competitive tournament.

Comparison between Chelsea and Leicester City 2023-2024
Chelsea Statistics Leicester City
59٪ Acquisition 62٪
77 Goals 89
122 Creating opportunities 142
5.7 Pay per game 5.2
1127 Touch in the penalty area 1370
216 Winning the ball in the final third 230

What does Enzo Maresca need at Chelsea?

In fact, the offensive line will naturally be a priority Italian coachLast season in the English Premier League, the team wasted 73 scoring chances, which reflects the lack of decisiveness in front of goal. Senegalese Nicholas Jackson has the lion’s share, as he alone wasted 25 chances out of 34 that were available to him. Here, the talk will be about signing a decisive striker like Nigerian Victor Osimhen or Guinean Serho. Gerasi.

Liverpool Academy stars - from right, Harvey Elliott, Connor Bradley and Jarrell Quansah (Getty)

Chelsea have an abundance of talent and stars, but what they have really struggled with is investment and recruitment of these players, and Enzo Maresca is unlikely to make much of a splash in the Mercato, given the presence of buzzworthy names like Cole Palmer, Christopher Nkunku and Raheem Sterling.

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