What did De la Fuente say before the Spain-France match in Euro 2024?

Spanish coach Luis de la Fuente confirmed that his country’s players are suffering from fatigue before the match against France in the semi-finals. European Nations Cup 2024, and he also praised the captain of the Roosters, Kylian Mbappe, noting that “La Roja” only thinks about achieving victory.

The Allianz Arena in Munich will host the European Nations Cup semi-final match between Spain France, and the winner will reach the final of Euro 2024.

Luis de la Fuente began his press conference by talking about the pressure of matches in the Euros and how it affected his team’s preparations, saying: “In my opinion, the pressure of matches never helps in recovery, but this is the case for everyone.”

The Spanish coach added: “The players are used to this situation. We will see how we will be tomorrow. We are ready to play this match, especially since we are facing the French team, which has tremendous physical strength.”

Luis de la Fuente acknowledged that his players were tired, and he also proposed to UEFA and FIFA that extra time be cancelled in the rounds leading up to the semi-finals.

“I agree with the need to cancel extra time in some rounds of a major and very difficult tournament,” he continued, before clarifying: “Of course not in the semi-finals, nor even the final, but yes in the previous knockout rounds; we are talking about many matches, many minutes of play, with players reaching their maximum physical effort, and this of course affects the enjoyment of watching.”

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After playing 120 minutes in the quarter-final match against Germany last Friday, the coach of “La Roja” was unable to prepare his players adequately for the semi-final match against France, and was satisfied with only recovery training to overcome the state of fatigue among the players.

Luis de la Fuente heaps praise on Mbappe

On the other hand, Luis de la Fuente showered praise on Kylian Mbappe, stressing that he is a genius and unique player.

“These types of footballers are unpredictable, you don’t know when they will show up; they never disappear, but they can be at less than 50% of their level, better than 100% for anyone else, they can make the difference at any moment in the game, even if they are not performing at the required level.”

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He continued:Kylian Mbappe A genius player, an extraordinary star, like other players in the French national team, which has exceptional players, and with awareness of his abilities, we will try to neutralize them.”

Coach De la Fuente continued: “We are fully prepared, and we have the tools for that. I trust in our abilities, and that we are superior to face these situations. I have blind faith in my team, and we are ready to win a match that is like a final.”

The 63-year-old also showed great respect for the French team, under coach Didier Deschamps, describing them as the “strongest physically” in the tournament; he concluded his statements by saying: “I study the strength of the opponent, and they are exceptional, and they have top-class players, and they play as a team wonderfully.”

Who will be the commentator for the Spain vs France match today in Euro 2024?

As usual in the Euro 2024 Championship, beIN Sports will provide more than one option to comment on the events of the Spain and France match in the semi-final through the Max package.

The commentator for the Spain-France match today on Max 1 will be the Algerian Hafid Draji, while on Max 2 it will be the Omani Khalil Al Balushi.

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