We will not stand in the way of Aref Al-Hajj

Omar Al-Ajlouni, the president of Al-Sarih Club, confirmed that the football team’s international striker, Aref Al-Hajj, has not received any official offer yet, contrary to what has been circulated during the past weeks.

Al-Sareeh Club had loaned its striker Al-Hajj to Al-Faisaly, as his contract ended at the end of the season, so he returned to his team, which is preparing to compete in the new season, after it succeeded in returning to the ranks of professional clubs.

Aref Al-Hajj is one of the distinguished strikers, as he excelled remarkably with the team. Al-Faisaly Recently, he contributed to creating many goals, which will make him a candidate to leave Al-Sareeh team if he receives any local or foreign offer.

The former coach of the Al-Nashama team, Moroccan Hussein Ammouta, had called up Al-Hajj to the list that recently played the matches against Tajikistan and Saudi Arabia in the World Cup qualifiers, and he had previously represented the Olympic team.

Al-Ajlouni: This is the duration of Aref Al-Hajj’s contract with Al-Sarih

Omar Al-Ajlouni revealed that Al-Hajj’s contract with Al-Sarih extends for the next four seasons. He is one of the club’s players and is currently committed to training with the team that is preparing to play the new season.

Al-Ajlouni explained in response to inquiries: win win“The player has not received any official offer, whether locally or abroad, yet, and we do not mind him playing professionally if we obtain a contract that meets the ambitions of the club and the player at the same time.”

Al-Ajlouni added: “We in the Board of Directors did not receive any official offer from Al-Hussein Irbid Club, the league champion, expressing a desire to contract with Al-Hajj.”

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Al-Ajlouni explained: “We have so far put 5 players on the loan list, namely Mohammed Al-Qaisi, the former youth national team striker, Habib Omar, the former youth national team goalkeeper, left back Laith Al-Maraiha, midfielder Abdulrahman Al-Qubaieh, in addition to Ahmed Mleetat, who plays in the left and right back positions.”

Al-Ajlouni concluded his speech by saying: “We recently signed a contract with striker Mohammed Al-Akash for one season. He is one of the players we are proud to have at Al-Sarih Club.”

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