We will not give up the dream of qualifying for the World Cup

Show stars Sudanese national team They are very happy to regain the top spot in their group in the World Cup qualifiers (2006 World Cup qualifiers), following their victory over the South Sudan national team 3-0, today, Tuesday, June 11, for the fourth round of qualifiers.

Mohamed Al-Mustafa, the national team’s goalkeeper, considered the victory over the national team South Sudan It is a reward for the team’s effort and perseverance, as he said in an exclusive interview with the winwin website: “We are very happy with the victory we achieved over the South team in a match that is considered historic by all standards. It was also an emotional match. Everyone in the stadium sang the Sudanese national anthem. Everyone was happy.” He chanted the name of Sudan, and we felt that all the fans were supporting us.”

Muhammad Al-Mustafa added: “On the field, it was completely different. We faced a strong competitor, and we found it very difficult to defeat them, and our great experience helped us absorb their enthusiasm at the beginning of the first half.”

Al-Mustafa revealed that qualifying for the World Cup finals is an undeniable goal, saying: “We quickly regained the lead in the group and we want to reach the World Cup.”

Al-Gharbal: We aim to reach the World Cup finals

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman “Gharbal”, the striker of Al-Hilal and the Sudanese national team, confirmed that the victory put the team in front of a great challenge, saying in an exclusive interview with the winwin website: “We dedicated the victory to the fans who were keen to support us.”

Sudanese national football team players

Gharbal continued, saying: “The three points we obtained raised our score to 10 points, and also raised the ceiling of ambitions a lot. I also consider that our leadership in a group that includes elite teams on the African continent, such as Senegal, doubles our responsibility.”

Gharbal added: “We aim to reach the World Cup finals, and I think everyone thought it was impossible, but we turned the tables and demonstrated our excellence.” The player, nicknamed Al-Gharbal, praised his colleague, Mohamed Al-Mustafa, the national team’s goalkeeper, saying: “He confronted dangerous attacks, steadied the players, and played a major role in the victory we achieved. Everyone performed brilliantly in the match, and we pledge to continue the same approach.”

Coco: We pledge to continue working

Abdul Rahman Coco, Al-Merreikh and national team defender, believed that the team achieved an important victory. Coco said in an exclusive interview with the winwin website: “We achieved an important victory over a strong competitor. I think we have proven our great value and have become contenders for the qualification ticket.”

Coco added: “We received a good reception and great support from the fans, and we pledge to continue working hard until we reach the World Cup finals.”

Bakhit Khamis, captain of the Sudanese national team, revealed that the victory achieved by the Jedan Falcons over the South Sudan national team was important, and strengthened their chances of reaching the finals. world CupIn an exclusive interview with the winwin website, he said: “Our victory in our match against the southern team raised the ceiling of ambition to reach the World Cup…that dream that some people saw as impossible. There were even those who expected us to finish bottom of the group. We demonstrated our strength, and we will spare no effort to continue strongly.” big”.

Khamis considered that goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Mustafa played an outstanding match, and said: “Al-Mustafa contributed to steadying our feet and blocked certain goals… I think he was the first man of the match… All my teammates gave their best.”

It is noteworthy that the Jedi Falcons raised their score to 10 points, and regained the lead in Group Two, ahead of the Senegal national team by two points.

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