We were armed with determination to achieve our goal against Tajikistan

Moroccan Hussein Amouta, the coach of the Jordanian national team, said that the players were armed with determination and spirit in order to achieve what was required in the confrontation. Tajikistan Achieving a 3-0 victory.

The Jordanian national team qualified for the 2027 Asian Cup, and reached the third and decisive round World Cup qualifiers For the second time in its history, after its victory over Tajikistan tonight by three clean goals.

Amouta said in the press conference held after the end of the match: “We must keep pace with the development that is happening among the East Asian teams. The match was not easy, and we succeeded in providing what was required in the second half and we accomplished the task and qualified.”

He continued: “I do not deny that we were late in entering the atmosphere of the match, and Yazid Abu Laila, the goalkeeper, proved that he deserves to be with the Premier League clubs in Saudi Arabia, and what he presented in tonight’s match was wonderful.”

Al-Hussein Amouta leads Jordan to win a hat-trick

Amouta continued his speech: “Certainly, if the stadium had a capacity of 60,000 spectators, the Jordanian fans would have attended. The recent Asian achievement was an incentive for them to follow Al-Nashama in all the matches.”

He explained: “Today the picture has changed. Families are present in the stands to support the star players, and I spoke with the players about the necessity of presenting wonderful artistic levels to maintain this public interest.”

The Jordanian national team enters the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Amouta concluded his speech by saying: “The large crowd presence gave us the motivation to achieve victory, as we felt the magnitude of the responsibility placed on our shoulders, and the road is still long, as we will play 5 matches in our homeland and among our fans in the decisive round.”

And within Jordan national team Qualification card to the decisive round, where it maintained second place with 10 points, while the Saudi team remained in the lead with 5 points and lost the opportunity to officially qualify alongside the Pakistani team, which was at the bottom of the standings without any point.

The Jordanian national team has one match remaining that may be out of the calculations, and it will be a guest against Saudi Arabia next Tuesday. The Jordanian national team had begun its campaign in the qualifiers by losing to Saudi Arabia 0-2, then tied with Tajikistan in the first leg 1-1, before beating Pakistan 3-0 and 7. -0 and Tajikistan in the second leg 3-0.

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