Watch.. The Royal Army coach explodes with anger after losing the Throne Cup

Tunisian Nasreddine Nabi, the technical director of the Royal Army Club, exploded with anger in the press conference that followed his team’s match against Raja Casablanca in the Throne Cup final.

The team was defeated Military Against Raja, by two goals to one, in the final match held at the “Adrar” stadium in the city of Agadir on Monday evening, the Royal Army lost the second consecutive title in a short time in favor of the Raja team, after the Moroccan Professional League title.

Nasreddine Nabi was waiting for this match with great anticipation, in order to play it before leaving to lead his new team, the South African Kaizer Chiefs, with whom he had previously agreed, as the Tunisian coach was seeking to bid farewell to Morocco by winning the Throne Cup title.

The coach of the Royal Army explodes with anger after losing the Moroccan Throne Cup final

Anger was clearly evident on Nasreddine Nabi’s face after arriving at the press conference following the loss of the Throne Cup final against… PleaseNabi quickly reacted angrily to a journalist’s question, holding him responsible for the Royal Army losing the two titles in a short time.

“Don’t hold me responsible, I am a coach with advanced degrees in coaching, and you can’t talk to me about changes in this way,” Nabi said.

The Tunisian coach’s answer was responded to by the aforementioned journalist, which led to a sharp dispute between them, which prompted Nasreddine Nabi to withdraw from the press conference, before returning shortly after to complete the conference.

Nabi apologizes to the Royal Army fans

Nasreddine Nabi said during the press conference following the match: “I apologize to the Royal Army fans for losing the second title in a short period of time. I was trying to make them happy, but we did not succeed.”

He said: “I wanted to continue my career with the Royal Army, but life has other things in store for us. God willing, we will meet in the future. It was a strong season for the players, and I demanded a lot from them. Perhaps they were tired.”

From the match between Raja and the Royal Army in the Throne Cup

He concluded: “I prefer that a new coach comes with new ideas. The main reason for not scoring the chances we had is the absence of Hamza Ekman and Hatem Al-Sawabi.”

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