Watch the Euro match.. Details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours

Dr. Ahmed Ashraf Issa, Director of the Sports Cardiology Center in Egypt, spoke about the details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours before his death. Dr. Issa was one of the treating doctors. For the Egyptian player The deceased.

Ahmed Refaat passed away on Saturday morning, at the age of 31, nearly 4 months after his heart muscle stopped during his team Modern Sport’s match against Al-Ittihad Alexandria in the Egyptian Premier League.

Details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours before his death

Dr. Ahmed Issa said in special statements to: win win“There is no clear reason. The player’s condition was improving, and his heart efficiency was improving as well. The heart efficiency reached 50%.”

Issa narrated the details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours before his death, saying: “We were arranging for the player’s medical rehabilitation in order to gradually return him to his normal physical activity. Yesterday, he was watching the Portugal-France match in Euro 2024. He returned home in good condition and asked his mother for some fruits.”

He added: “His mother went to bring fruit for Rafat, and when she arrived at the room where he was staying, he had passed away!”

He explained the details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours before he passed away: “I am in a state that cannot be described. My patient was doing very well and suddenly he passed away! We had put a heart rate monitor on him. His brother read to me from that device that there was no pulse at all. His heart stopped without warning.”

“We cannot say that the cause of his death was complications from what happened months ago, because his heart was improving. His condition did not deteriorate, but rather was improving,” he added. “We did not put a pacemaker on the player. What we attached to the player was a device to monitor and observe the heartbeat. We were monitoring the heart rate and such things. Rifaat and his family were very keen to follow up on his condition.”

He continued: “He was following up with me constantly, as well as the kidney consultant, and things were going well and regularly, and we had not made a decision regarding the possibility of his return to play. There were 3 questions that were constantly asked: When will he return? What about the medications and can they be reduced and for how long? And can we install a pacemaker in the future or not?”

The late player Ahmed Refaat wearing the Egyptian national team jersey

The doctor continued, explaining the details of Ahmed Refaat’s last hours before he passed away: “The efficiency of a normal heart muscle ranges from 55% to 65%, and Ahmed’s heart muscle reached 50% efficiency before his death, but his brother called me specifically between 2:35 and 2:40 am Cairo time, and told me what happened to Refaat, and he had passed away at about that time. He was transferred to the hospital at 3:30 am. Everything mentioned regarding the diagnosis and cause of death, as some claimed that the efficiency of the heart decreased, that he removed a device attached to his body, and that he suffered a stroke… all of that is not true. I hope to respect the privacy of the player’s family.”

“Rafat told me that he needed to travel to follow up on his condition, and I nominated medical centers in Liverpool, Italy and Germany, but he had not made a final decision about that, because he was in good condition, but his first goal was to return to playing football again. Rafat was fine and we were following up on his condition well, but his life is over.”

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