Walid Sadi determines the fate of Riyad Mahrez and attacks the “settling accounts” group

Walid Sadi, President of the Algerian Football Federation, determined the fate of Riyad Mahrez, the star of the Al-Ahly Saudi club, with the “Greens” team, coinciding with the presence of a lot of ambiguity about the future of the international player.

Mahrez was absent from the Algeria national team camp during the current month of June, the same thing that happened in the camp last March, an absence that sparked a lot of controversy and confusion about the possibility of playing. The Saudi Al-Ahly star With the “Desert Warriors” team again.

Walid Sadi denies the existence of a case called Riyad Mahrez

Sadi, President of the Algerian Federation, denied the existence of a case called Riyad Mahrez, and confirmed in statements he made after the “Greens” team’s victory, today, Monday, with a score of (1-2) against Uganda, that he spoke with coach Petkovic to remove all ambiguity surrounding the international future of the Saudi Al-Ahly star.

The FAF president said: “The Riyad Mahrez case has taken on other dimensions, but in reality there is no case. I spoke with coach Petkovic after coming to Uganda, and he will meet with the player in the coming days.”

He added: “The coach and the player will meet to remove all ambiguity, and there will be an intimate session between them, so that Mahrez may return to the Algerian national team in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers next September, God willing.”

Walid Sadi attacks the “settling accounts” group

In other statements, Sadi attacked a group of people who, according to him, expect every loss of a national team.The greensIn order to settle its scores, the President of the Algerian Federation stated: “I do not want to talk outside the sports field; But I say that there is a group that is exploiting the loss of the Algerian national team to settle its scores.”

He continued, saying: This group wants to attack the president (the president of the Algerian Federation), or someone else, but I tell them, today this victory is Algeria’s victory, not the president’s victory. The problem is that these people create chaos and cause confusion, and thank God Algeria always stands with its men. And always victorious, thank God.”

Coach Petkovic's touch gives Algeria victory

For reference, Walid Sadi, President of the Algerian Federation, was at the head of the “Desert Warriors” team delegation that moved to Uganda to face the “Cranes”, and returned from there with a valuable victory with a score of (2-1) that kept it at the top of its seventh group with 9 points in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

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