Walid Dabbas resigns from the presidency of Modern Sport Club

Modern Sport Club issued a long statement a short while ago, announcing the resignation of Walid Dabbas from the club’s presidency, against the backdrop of the crisis of the late Ahmed Refaat, the team’s player who passed away a few days ago.

The past two days have witnessed Walid Dabbas making more than one controversial intervention, in which he revealed some details about the crisis, including his confirmation of the correctness of his club’s position regarding the player’s crisis with regard to his recruitment, which caused him a psychological crisis due to the failure of his professional career at the Emirati club Al Wahda.

Modern Sport He issued an official statement of 7 pages, concluding it with the results and decisions, saying, “Dr. Walid Dabbas submitted his resignation from the chairmanship of the board of directors of Modern Sport Club, due to the distortion of his person and the club’s entity, the distortion of his statements, and the deliberate attempt to cause discord between him and the family of the late Ahmed Refaat, the public opinion, and all fans of the late player.”

Walid Dabbas’ resignation…and giving up his shares

He added: “The owners of the controlling shares of the company decided to transfer the shares they owned to the previous owners, authorizing them to manage and run the club’s business until the situation is settled.”

The late Ahmed Refaat wearing the Egyptian national team jersey

He explained: “Thirdly, providing the necessary support to the committee formed by the decision of the Minister of Youth and Sports regarding the investigation into the facts related to the late player Ahmed Refaat within the limits of the information available to us if the club is managed as of September 2023.”

Modern Sport concluded its statement: “After Walid Dabbas’ resignation, the doctor thanks the Egyptian people and apologizes for trying to distort his statements through the media and withdraws from the sports scene in Egypt, and announces his condolences to the family of the late Ahmed Refaat at their home in the Fifth Settlement in his personal capacity and without any official capacity to offer the necessary condolences. And God is the best witness and trustee.”

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