Very happy with Al Hilal…and dealing with Ronaldo amazed me!

Chilean Rene Diaz, the goalkeeper coach at Al Hilal Club under 19 years, spoke about his life experience in Saudi Arabia, stressing that the Saudi people are very friendly and deal wonderfully with all residents, revealing that what surprised him most was the way they dealt with the star and captain of Al Nassr, the Portuguese. Cristiano RonaldoAnd the great insurance that the player enjoys.

Diaz said in an interview with the website:biobiochileChile: “Saudi people are very friendly, especially with Spanish-speaking people. Maybe that’s because there is a similarity in having large families, respecting the elderly and things like that.”

He added: “Life in Saudi Arabia revolves more at night because of the extreme heat. You can stay until three in the morning in shopping centers and restaurants. That’s how things go. It’s a routine you get used to and it doesn’t conflict with football.”

Brazilian Michel Delgado is a professional for Al Hilal Saudi Club

Regarding the strength of competition in the Saudi Professional League.”Dora Roshan“The league has developed a lot,” he replied. Now the Saudi player is trying to compete with Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Aleksandar Mitrovic, who are elite players and we must prepare the Saudi players to be at this level. “It is a development that is also moving to the Saudi national team, and it is joint work with the clubs.”

Diaz pointed out that there is a difference between the Chilean goalkeeper and the Saudi goalkeeper, explaining that the Chilean player has a greater fighting spirit, adapts faster, and knows how to fight adversity.

Shabab Al Hilal coach: They close the street when Ronaldo passes

When asked about the most surprising thing he saw in Saudi Arabia, Diaz replied: “It has nothing to do with our team, but I was surprised that when Cristiano Ronaldo passes by, they close the street. He plays in Al-Nasr, but going to his club is almost in the same direction as Al-Hilal, so there are those who try to stop him to ask.” Photos and signature. There is a truck and a police escort that always transports him.”

The Chilean coach revealed his feeling of working in a big club full of world stars, and said: “First of all, I must say that they are very good people and the institution is very good. Kalidou Koulibaly, for example, takes many pictures with the young people and if there is activity, he participates.” Yacine Bono is a very nice person and always has a good attitude in the training sessions I have had to be with him.”

He continued: “Al Hilal’s policy regarding the treatment of stars is very strict. We are prohibited from taking pictures with them, even though they are very friendly and polite. The first team players pass by you and you are in contact with them, but the club does not allow you to take pictures with them, because you are violating their privacy and also for marketing reasons. Because they have contracts involved but I repeat that the relationship between us is very good.”

Diaz: Discipline is the most important thing

Diaz stressed that the most important thing for him is discipline at work, stressing that this is always the secret to success, and he added: “The key is discipline. A disciplined player will outperform a talented player at some point, and this includes all the psychological aspects of the goalkeeper: focus, fighting spirit.” “Improvement, respect for the profession, the teammate, the coach. The main important thing is to be a role model. The value of a disciplined person does not diminish at all.”

Rene Diaz was part of the technical staff led by Portuguese Paulo Nunes, who won the Saudi Under-19 League championship with Shabab Al Hilal, on May 28 last year.

Regarding his next step, Diaz explained: “Now I am back in Chile, my contract at the club has been renewed and we are already thinking about the next project. We finished the year with a title, which is very good and means that we are doing things well with the club. It is a great honor to be champion.” “Away from your homeland, and above all, to see that your work is appreciated. I try to give everything I have to my profession.”

The Chilean coach concluded by saying: “When I arrived in Saudi Arabia I did not know how to speak English, and now I can communicate in Arabic. One is never ready for change until one has to experience a situation, so I believe that adaptation is what develops people.”

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