Uruguay “kicks” the Brazilian team and a disastrous number for Endrick!

The Brazilian national team bid farewell to the competition Copa America At the hands of Uruguay, after losing to them on penalties in a match that ended in a goalless draw in regular time, the two teams resorted to the nerve-wrecker that smiled on the Celeste with a score of 4-2.

Uruguay will face Colombia in the semi-finals of the tournament, which will also see Argentina face Canada in the tournament being held in the United States.

Kick.. kick.. and run!

For ninety minutes, violence was the master of the situation, as the players of both teams continued their violent interventions, especially on the part of Uruguay, although they decreased relatively after the referee showed a deserved red card to the Uruguayan midfielder Nandez, who violently intervened on Rodrigo’s leg.

From the confrontation between Brazil and Uruguay in the Copa America 2024

The truth is that Latin American football deserves better than this, given the level of violence allowed by the referees, which prevents any possibility of continuing the game, and the match turns into many spoiling counterattacks without fear of yellow cards, and the matter develops to witness many violent interventions without deterrence from the match referees.

Many counterattacks were not completed, although the match was full of them. How could it not be, when the strategy of both teams was clear in the many physical surges and continuous, relentless running, whether attacking or defending.

Neither team had a player who could control the pace and sometimes slow it down. The pressure was fierce and both teams resorted to a lot of long balls while the counter-attacks were condemned to continuous suppression.

Endrick.. and changes to the coach of the Brazilian national team

Speaking of counterattacks, the Brazilian national team coach, Dorival Junior, decided today to include the young striker Endrick in the starting lineup, in a very strange decision by the Brazilian national coach.

Endrick suffered from very strong physical and bodily attacks from defenders. Uruguay Araujo and Jimenez, especially the first, and his small body did not help him to bear this very fierce pressure; he came out with a very bad statistic, which was that he passed only five passes throughout the match, only one of which was correct!

With the referee’s leniency in the rough push of the players, it was Endrick He is out of the game completely, while Dorival could have considered bringing on Savio to replace Vinicius Junior, who will be gnawing at the yellow cards he has picked up that could have been avoided and which have deprived his country of his services in such a crucial match.

The strange thing is that the coach of the Brazilian national team did not bring on Savio and more than one other player until the 78th minute, and it was very strange that he insisted on this mistake for this entire period.

But on the other hand, the centre-forward position was not much better, as Darwin Nunez brought back memories of his bizarre missed chances, missing the easiest chance of the match with a header from just 8 yards from goal.

Red card and steadfastness

It seems that Nandez relied too much on the referee’s generosity to make a very dangerous intervention on Rodrygo that almost broke his ankle, but fortunately for the Real Madrid winger, things went smoothly for him, but they did not go smoothly for Nandez after the referee returned to the VAR to decide to send him to the stands.

The period was not enough for the Brazilian team to make a difference, and the truth is that Brazil did not make it from the beginning of the match until the end, with the team’s strategy deteriorating since the beginning of the tournament, as well as Marcelo Bielsa’s adjustment of the pressure phase after he only allowed Marquinhos to possess the ball while monitoring any other passing option, so the Brazilian defense now had players free of monitoring to push forward more and besiege Uruguay, but without almost any danger.

In the penalty shootout, Militao was quickly missing, which added to the strangeness of him starting the Selecao’s kicks, and things ended after another missed kick from Douglas Luiz, and Alisson Becker’s save from Jose Gimenez did not help Brazil for more than an additional minute before Brazil bid farewell to the tournament after the fifth kick.

Brazil lost because they tried to keep up with Uruguay’s momentum, which had turned with Marcelo Bielsa into a version similar to Bielsa’s Chile, while the five-time world champion had to look for different strategies in the hope of surprising its fierce competitor, who qualified to face Colombia in another strong match that we will see in the Copa semi-finals.

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