Unveiling the new design of the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix

Officials at Losail International Circuit have unveiled the stunning new design of the Qatar Airways Grand Prix trophy For Formula 1 – Qatar 2023, designed by the well-known Italian design and architecture company “Pininfarina”, where the company succeeded in presenting a distinctive modern design whose technical elements are inspired by speed and competition, along with touches of ancient Qatari culture at the same time.

The international designers were inspired by the exciting dynamics that characterize Formula 1 races, to succeed in producing an integrated work of art that embodies in its details the essence of the recently redesigned Losail International Circuit. The work was implemented through a concerted effort among the specialists at the circuit in partnership with Pininfarina in a continuous effort that lasted for three years. Months.

A group of craftsmen who have extensive experience in the field of handcrafts worked on the project, to present a masterpiece decorated with creative, wavy curves, simulating the breathtaking shape of the Qatari sand dunes, using lime and dark purple resin materials with striking geometric formations, which are only a representation of the patterns used in the project. The ancient traditional Sadu weaving adds historical depth and vibrant aesthetic components. The thoughtful satin finish, with its distinctive silver color, also gives the award elegance and elegance, reflecting the distinctive style of Pininfarina designs.

The magical combination of these different elements succeeds in indicating different meanings in Qatari culture on the one hand, and the identity of the Losail International Circuit as a center for distinguished motor sports competitions on the other. The designers at Pininfarina, through its atelier specialized in creating unique and distinctive designs, Pininfarina Senio, used advanced techniques such as laser printing to be able to present these delicate artistic touches of Qatari culture while maintaining modern, modern design. The weight of the award reaches 3.6 kilograms and its height is 55 centimetres. It preserves some of the elements that were used in the design of the 2021 edition, but it presents an innovative and distinct perspective on the culture of mechanical games that is growing and spreading in the State of Qatar. It also carries important symbolism through the impressive integration of its details. The aesthetics combine the ancient Qatari heritage, modernity and development represented by racing and the technology used in it.

Commenting on this announcement, Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Latif Al Mannai, President of the Qatar Automobile and Motorcycle Federation and President of the Losail International Circuit, said that the award, with its new design, expresses the extent of our pride in the Qatari identity and our keenness to highlight it through all the details related to the race, adding: “This is considered The design is a testament to the commitment of our partners at Pininfarina to precision and craftsmanship, as this award embodies shared values, represents an artistic pinnacle in terms of design, and is also considered a testament to the deep Qatari passion for speed sports.”

From the official announcement ceremony of the partnership between Formula 1 and Qatar Airways (Twitter/@qatarairways)

In turn, Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group, said: “The design of the Losail Cup focuses on celebrating the rapid progress achieved by the State of Qatar and the natural and cultural heritage that distinguishes the country. Pininfarina was inspired by these elements and its heritage in the field of performance and aerodynamics to design a cup that represents the new icon of the circuit.” Lucille. Thanks to the competencies of our highly skilled craftsmen, the design has been transformed into a wonderful piece of art.”

This unique trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Formula 1 Qatar Airways Grand Prix – Qatar 2023, which will be held at the famous Losail International Circuit, which will celebrate the fusion of speed and the Qatari heritage of motor sports in the region.

Formula 1 fans will be able to take a close look at this new symbol of the Losail International Circuit and take souvenir photos with it through a replica that will be displayed in the fan zone during the weekend during which the race will be held.

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