Under the umbrella of FIFA.. How did Qatar restore the luster to the Arab Cup tournament?

It has become certain that the State of Qatar will host the next three editions of the Arab Football Cup (2025, 2029, 2033), under the umbrella of the International Federation of the Game (FIFA), according to what the latter officially announced today, Wednesday.

Qatar organized the last edition of the Arab Cup for national teams, in 2021, and the competition was a remarkable success, exceeding everyone’s expectations. The competitions served as the “final rehearsal” for the Qatari state, before hosting the finals World Cup 2022.

The success of the 2021 Arab Cup led to a general conviction of the necessity of continuing the tournament’s competitions, to be held on a regular basis, compared to what was happening previously.

The Arab Cup Championship was launched in 1963, and the second edition was held the following year (1964), before the tournament was held according to an unclear calendar, to the point that the third edition was organized in 1966, while the fourth edition was held a full 19 years later, specifically in the year 1985. .

Ibrahim Hassan celebrates the return of the Arab Cup again (X/@EFA) One Win winwin

The lack of a clear timetable remained one of the most prominent negatives of the tournament, until Qatar hosted 2021 editionBefore it was decided to hold the competitions once every 4 years.

The holding of the 2021 Arab Cup under the umbrella of “FIFA” represented a major transformation in the history of the tournament. The Arab teams strived hard to participate in the competition, to the point that the competitions were divided into qualifiers and finals, which ended with the Algerian national team being crowned.

The teams participating in the finals performed at exceptional levels, despite the absence of professional players in Europe, amid an organizational atmosphere similar to what happens in the strongest football tournaments in the world.

Qatar is armed with great experience in organizing large football events. It hosted the 2022 World Cup finals, the 2024 Asian Cup finals, and other important continental and regional tournaments.

Qatar has a group of distinguished stadiums that help teams present their best technical levels, which was clearly demonstrated in the World Cup and the Asian Cup, as well as in the Asian Under-23 Championship, which was held during the months of last April and this May.

In addition to the Senior World Cup and the Arab Cup, Qatar has gained the confidence of the International Federation “FIFA” to host the U-17 World Cup for five consecutive editions, starting next year 2025, and the competition will be organized annually after that, with its competitions to be held in the years 2026 and 2027. And 2028 and 2029 in Qatar as well.

A record for Iraq and Algeria wins the title in Qatar 2021

I was crowned Algeria With its first title in the Arab Cup in 2021; The “Desert Warriors” defeated Tunisia in the final match with a score of 2-0.

Iraq holds the record for the number of times crowned in the Arab Cup, with 4 titles, while Saudi Arabia occupies second place in the ranking of the teams with the most titles (two titles), while Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco are equal with one title for each team.

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