UEFA opens an investigation into the Turkish national team star.. What’s the story?

UEFA announced on Wednesday that it has opened an investigation into Turkey’s national football team star Merih Demiral for “possible inappropriate behaviour” during the match against Austria in the last 16 of the European Nations Cup.Euro 2024) which ended with the national team winning Turkish 2-1.

Demiral succeeded in leading his country to the next round after scoring two winning goals yesterday, Tuesday, in the match that was played at the Leipzig club stadium, so that the Turkish national team will book a strong date against the Netherlands next Saturday at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Controversial celebration from Turkey star

The Turkish national team star posted a photo of himself on his account on the “X” website celebrating one of his two goals against… Austriaraising his hand in the “Grey Wolves” gesture of a far-right group in Türkiye.

The image that caused the crisis

The Grey Wolves are an extremist group founded in the 1960s in Turkey. They are also banned in several European countries, including France and Austria. They have been calling for the use of violence since the early 1980s against left-wing activists and ethnic minorities.

The European Union said in an official statement published on its website: “An investigator has been appointed to decide on the ethics and disciplinary issues,” and more information on this matter will follow.

For her part, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser responded to the movement: Demiral In a post on the website “X”, she said: “The symbol of Turkish right-wing extremists has no place in our stadiums,” adding: “Using European football as a platform for racism is completely unacceptable. We expect UEFA to investigate the case and consider sanctions.”

Turkish Merih Demiral, professional player for Saudi club Al-Ahly

It is worth noting that in addition to investigating the Turkish national team star Merih Demiral, the European Union had opened an investigation against the English national team star Jude Bellingham, after his inappropriate celebration in the recent match against Slovakia, where the Real Madrid star made a sexually suggestive gesture towards the fans after scoring the equalizer in the dying moments.

Meanwhile, UEFA opened another investigation against Serbian fans after they chanted racist slogans and held up provocative banners during the group stage match against Slovenia, while the Serbian FA demanded that Albanian and Croatian fans be punished for extremist chants against Serbs.

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