Two Egyptian legends comment on the decline in the results of the Algerian national team

Binary commented Egypt national team The former, Ahmed Schubert and Abdel Zaher El Sakka, spoke about the recent decline in the results of the Algerian national team, especially after the sudden defeat of the Desert Warriors against Guinea in the African continent’s qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals, in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

And received Algeria national team A surprise loss at home and among its fans, last Thursday from Guinea, where it was defeated by two goals to one, in the third round matches, for the seventh group of the World Cup qualifiers.

It hosted Ahmed Shoubir, the Egyptian national team goalkeeper in the nineties of the last century, and the presenter of the “Egypt” TV channels.ONTIMESPORTS“Al Masrya, former Egypt defender, Abdel Zaher El Sakka, talked about the bitter defeat of the Desert Warriors, and the decline in the results of the Algerian national team since the period of coach Jamal Belmadi.

Schubert began his talk about the decline in the Algerian national team’s results by saying: “Honestly, one of the biggest shocks for me was Algeria’s defeat at home from Guinea. I feel afraid now for the Algerian national team, especially since there are now 4 teams in the group with 6 points.”

He added: “Algeria is a heavy name. I do not know how the team was eliminated twice from the African Cup of Nations in the first round by very weak teams, and against Cameroon in the World Cup qualifiers, and in its home stadium it missed the opportunity to advance.” He continued his statements, saying: “Algeria has since won the Cup.” The nations of Africa in Egypt have declined a lot, and I do not understand the reason for that.”

Abdel Zaher El Sakka is sad about the decline in the results of the Algerian national team

For his part, Abdel Zaher El Sakka commented and said: “Frankly, I am sad about the situation of the Algerian national team. I love the Algerian national team very much, and I hope that it will recover from its slump quickly.”

He concluded his statements by saying: “There is a significant deterioration in Algeria’s results, and the new coach (Vladimir Petkovic) must use all the stars, and I have confidence in Algeria’s ability to win against Uganda outside their stadium.”

The Algerian national team suffers a painful blow before meeting Uganda

During his career, Ahmed Schubert never participated against the Algerian national team, whether in an official or friendly match, and was content only to remain on the bench in the 1990 African Nations Finals against the Algerian national team, which then defeated the Egyptian national team with two clean goals.

As for Abdel-Zaher El-Sakka, he faced the Desert Warriors in seven matches that he played with the Egyptian national team, participating in six of them, and winning only two times, while he lost three times and one match was decided in a draw.

In a related context, the Algerian national team is preparing to play an important match outside its rules, when it meets Uganda, as part of the fourth round of the World Cup qualifiers, on Monday, June 10, 2024.

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