Tunisia’s victory was deserved and we focus on Namibia

Tunisia’s national team player, Ali Al-Abdi, expressed his happiness with the victory.Eagles of CarthageOn Wednesday, they defeated Equatorial Guinea with a score of (1-0) in the third round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Al-Abidi said in a statement in the presence of a site reporter winwin: “I am happy with the victory. The players played a good match, and the outcome could have been better, especially after the improvement in the level in the second half, if we had taken advantage of all the opportunities we had.”

The 30-year-old French defender from Cannes concluded his words by saying: “We have to turn the page on the match Equatorial Guinea Let’s focus from now on facing Namibia.”

Tunisia’s national team stars celebrate their victory over Equatorial Guinea

For his part, player Osama Al-Haddadi said: “Our opponent has excellent technical and physical capabilities, but we did not give him the opportunity and we put pressure on him, especially in the second half. We studied him well and identified his strengths and weaknesses.”

He added: “After our victory over Equatorial Guinea, we will start from now to focus on the Namibia match. The task will not be easy, but if we win against them, we will take a big step towards the World Cup. We will dedicate these victories to our fans, who deserve joy.”

Saad Baqir in the Abha Saudi Club shirt

With the victory of the Carthage Eagles over Equatorial Guinea, the Tunisia national team raised its score to 9 points from 3 victories, occupying the top spot in the group, two points ahead of Namibia, which achieved two victories (one of them a legal one over Equatorial Guinea) and one draw, while the Tunisia national team prepares to face Namibia on June 9th. .

It is reported that the system African qualifiers It stipulates that the winner of each group will qualify directly to the 2026 World Cup finals, while the best 4 second-placed teams will compete in the playoff competitions.

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