Tunisians Jaraya and Jebel face to face in the Ahli Tripoli and Al-Suwaihli summit

The eyes of Libyan football fans will be directed next Wednesday towards the “Gran Sasso Di” stadium in Italy, which will host the Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Suwaihli summit in the most important matches of the second week of the coronation stage competitions, to determine the champion of the local Premier League for football in the current sports season 2023-24, which is hosted by the Italian capital, Rome, until July 22.

The match will witness a purely Tunisian dialogue on the touchline, between Ahli Tripoli coach Tarek Jaraya and Al-Suwaihli coach Fathi Jabal, as each coach aspires to surpass the other in this anticipated encounter, in order to compete for the title. Libyan Premier League Football in the current sports season.

Al-Ahly Tripoli had contracted with Tunisian Tariq Jaraya in March 2023, succeeding his compatriot Fathi Jabal, while Al-Suwaihli Club had contracted with Jabal last December, succeeding his compatriot Lassad Jarda.

Graya outperforms Jebel before the Ahli Tripoli and Al-Suwaihli summit

The anticipated confrontation between Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Suwaihli is the second in the history of the coaches’ confrontation, as Tariq Jaraya previously faced his compatriot Fathi Jabal on one occasion in the competition, during which Jaraya succeeded in achieving victory on February 24 with a single goal, scored by the player Moayad Al-Lafi.

Part of the training of the Libyan Al-Suwaihli Club in the Italian capital, Rome

Next Wednesday, Fathi Jabal will have a good opportunity to equalize the score with his competitor Tariq Jaraya in the total number of matches, while Jaraya will try to widen the gap and achieve a new victory that will put the team at the top of the stage of the six-way crowning of the Libyan League title.

Tariq Jaraya: We seek to continue the lead

Tarek Jaraya confirmed that he seeks to win against Al-Suwaihli to maintain the lead in the crowning stage of the Libyan League title, saying in statements published by the official website of Al-Ahly Tripoli Club: “The team is ready for the match and the conditions here are favorable to present our best to continue our distinguished journey in the league. So far, we have the elements to compete for the top.”

He continued: “Our preparations for the match are like any other match in the league, through which we seek to collect the 3 points in order to achieve the desired goal, which is to compete for the championship and continue the journey towards winning the 14th championship in the history of Al-Ahly Tripoli Club.”

Fathi Jabal: We are ready for the match against Al-Ahly Tripoli

Al-Suwaihli coach, Fathi Jabal, said in a television statement: “The match against Al-Ahly Tripoli is one of the most exciting and competitive matches of the current season. It is not only difficult for us, but also for the competitor who is a very respectable competitor. We are ready for the match in order to win and make up for the defeat against Al-Nasr.”

Ahli Tripoli began its campaign to defend the Libyan Premier League title with a hard-fought victory over its neighbor Al-Madinah, with two goals to one in the first round of the crowning competition, while Al-Suwaihli lost its match against Al-Nasr in the last moments with a single goal.

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