Tunisian Saeed Al-Saibi is a candidate to coach the Libyan Federation

Tunisian Said Saibi, former coach of Club Africain, has become a candidate to coach the team. Libyan Federation Football, succeeding the national coach Jamal Khamis, starting from the next season 2024-25.

The Al-Ittihad club management dismissed the national coach Jamal Khamis from his position at the end of last May, and assistant coach Muhammad Al-Hamrouni was appointed to temporarily assume responsibility for leading the team that failed to qualify for the sixth stage of the Libyan League title for the current sports season 2023-24, whose matches started last Saturday in the Italian capital, Rome.

Revealing the truth about the Union’s negotiations with coach Saeed Al-Saibi

WinWin learned from a special source that there were unofficial contacts in Tunisia between a businessman close to the Libyan Al-Ittihad Club and Saeed Al-Saibi, where he offered him the idea of ​​coaching the team next season.

Khaled Ramadan Al-Marghani, former Al-Ittihad star, reveals his predictions for the Libya Derby via WinWin

According to the same source, there are no official negotiations with the Tunisian coach, Saeed Al-Saibi, and the contacts that took place in a Tunisian hotel were not official, and have not yet resulted in any official agreement between the two parties.

The source concluded his statement by saying that the Libyan club’s current priority is to appoint a new president, instead of the former resigned president, Mahmoud Maatouq, to ​​lead the club that has won the most titles. Libyan Premier League Football with 19 titles to return to the championship podium after last season’s failure.

The last training station for coach Said Al-Saibi (49 years old) with the Tunisian African Club ended with the dissolution of the relationship between the two parties by mutual consent on December 26, 2023.

Tunisian coach with Al-Ittihad Club of Libya.. between achievements and failures!

Throughout its long history, the Libyan Al-Ittihad Club has relied on Tunisian coaches for many seasons, who succeeded in achieving championships, including Tawfiq Ben Othman, who was the first Tunisian coach to win a Libyan Cup in the history of Libyan football, after leading the Al-Ittihad Club to the title in 1992.

There is also Reda Akasha, who was the first Tunisian coach to win the Libyan Premier League title, when he led Al-Ittihad to win the title in the 2004-2005 season, when the local league was held at that time in a single-group system with the participation of 14 teams.

There are others who failed with the Libyan Al-Ittihad Club and were forced to leave. The most prominent name in Tunisia remains Nabil Al-Kouki, who coached the Al-Ittihad Club in 2016 and did not achieve any noteworthy results with it.

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