Tunisian league goalkeeper illegally immigrates to Italy

The participation of the young goalkeeper for the team raised Suleiman’s future Tunisian league player Yassin Rahimi’s illegal immigration to Italy has sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms in Tunisia.

Al-Rahimi arrived in Italy illegally two days ago, as the player’s friend confirmed that the goalkeeper left the country after being subjected to injustice in Tunisia, according to him, and will continue his football career through one of the Italian teams.

Al-Rahimi incident reopens debate on Tunisian league talent migration

The incident of the young goalkeeper’s migration to the Mostaqbal Soliman team has strongly reopened the debate in the Tunisian sports community about the migration of young talents to Europe illegally.

The departure of the young goalkeeper received wide interaction on social media, and activists criticized the financial conditions, which they described as “difficult” for young players, which pushes them to abandon their sporting ambitions in the country.

Others wondered why Tunisian league teams pay “huge” salaries to foreign professionals while marginalizing young players in local clubs.

Italy receives large numbers of migrants arriving from Tunisia via the Mediterranean, and official figures indicate that this country receives more than 30,000 migrants annually.

The African Club

Tunisia, whose coast is less than 150 kilometres from the Italian island of Lampedusa, regularly records attempts by migrants to leave for Italy.

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