Tunisia draws with Namibia and Senegal defeats Mauritania in its own backyard

The match between the Tunisian national team and its Namibian counterpart, on Sunday evening, on the floor of Orlando Stadium, ended in a goalless draw, within the fourth round of Group H matches for… African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The conflict intensified in the midfield during the first half between the Tunisia and Namibia teams, with relative control The Eagles of CarthageWhile Namibia players relied on the counter-attack plan to exploit opportunities.

A draw decides the match between Tunisia and Namibia in the World Cup qualifiers

shake Namibia national team They scored an early goal in the 14th minute, but their joy did not last long, as the match referee intervened and canceled the goal after it was awarded incorrectly in favor of goalkeeper Bashir bin Saeed. The Namibia national team did not calm down after the goal was cancelled, as it returned in the 19th minute to threaten the visitors’ goal through a powerful shot by Dion Hutto, who shot a curved left ball from a free kick that went slightly over the crossbar.

In the 25th minute, Moizou sent a perfect cross from the right side into the penalty area, but it passed in front of his teammates without finding anyone to put it into the goal, and it was dispersed by the Tunisian national team’s defense. The visitors responded in the 36th minute with a dangerous, quick attack led by Hamza Rafia, who shot a powerful ground ball from inside the penalty area that passed near the right post of Namibia’s goal.

Portuguese Miguel Cardoso, coach of Tunisian club Esperance

The pace of the match calmed down in the last minutes of the first half, as the two teams exchanged control of the midfield area without any real chances to score, so the first half ended in a goalless draw.

The Tunisia national team continued to impose its control over the course of play in the second half, seeking to score the first goal. The 56th minute witnessed the entry of Mortada Ben Ounas as a substitute for Elias Sakhiri, but that did not change anything about the reality of the confrontation.

The match between Tunisia and Namibia ended in a positive draw without goals, with the Tunisia team maintaining the lead in the group with 10 points, while the Namibia team raised its score to 8 points in second place.

Senegal overthrows Mauritania in its own backyard and snatches the lead

In another match, he was exposed Mauritania national team For one loss at home and among its fans, after its defeat to the Senegal national team with a clean goal (1-0), in the match that brought together the two teams at Sheikh Ould Bedia Stadium, in the fourth round of the second group of the African continent’s qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals.

Saudi youth player Habib Diallo scored the only goal of the match in the 27th minute to give… Senegal national team Victory for his country, and Mauritania suffers its second loss in a row.

By achieving the win, Senegal raised its score to 8 points at the top of Group Two, while Mauritania’s score froze at only one point in sixth and final place.

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