This is what Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat hope for in the face of Saudi Arabia!

Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat gained great fame, especially after the brilliant career they achieved with the national team starchy Whether in the Asian Cup, which concluded in Qatar, or in Asian qualifiers Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

The two players form a terrifying duo with a distinct understanding, even though each of them plays professionally in a country. Al-Taamari plays for French club Montpellier and Al-Naimat is active in the Qatari league with Al-Ahly.

Al-Nashama rarely plays a match in which Al-Taamari or Al-Naimat do not score a goal or two, as they constitute the striking force in the attacking system, and they are the highest scoring team for their country.

And it reveals win winIn this report, there is a wish that Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat seek to achieve in the upcoming confrontation against Saudi Arabia, which will bring them together at Al Awal Park Stadium at the end of the sixth and final round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

A special wish for Musa Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat

In the recent Asian Cup, Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat were able to score goals against strong teams such as South Korea, Iraq and Qatar, and they made an effective contribution, thanks to their offensive effectiveness, in leading Al-Nashama to be crowned runner-up in the Asian Cup for the first time in the history of Jordanian football.

Musa Al-Taamari and Yazan Al-Naimat are devoid of scoring any goals against Al-Akhdar Saudi Throughout the historic confrontations that brought together the two teams, including the first leg in Amman, which Al-Nashama lost 0-2.

Highlights of the Saudi national team's press conference

The Al-Nashama team scored 14 goals against Saudi Arabia, during 16 confrontations throughout history, none of which were scored by Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat.

In light of the above, Musa Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat are keen to establish a relationship with the Saudi net, as their motivation will be great in the face of tomorrow in search of creating and scoring goals. Will one or both of them succeed in achieving this wish?!

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