There was a consensus about this trio following Sudan’s valuable victory over Mauritania

Sudan’s valuable victory against Mauritania pushed the third round of Group Two competitions into account African qualifiers Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup, a number of the team’s stars were selected to choose the best who shone and played an influential role in overthrowing the “Almoravids” team, yesterday, Thursday.

Al-Tayeb Abdel Razek, defender of Al-Hilal, considered that all the players played a high-class match against Mauritania, and the distinguished defender singled out 4 of his teammates, whom he described as the most distinguished, as he said in an exclusive interview with the website: win win“I believe that all the stars of the Sudanese national team gave a match that was headlined by outstanding performance, and I consider that goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Mustafa, defender Mustafa Karshoum, and striker Mohamed Abdel-Rahman were the best in the match.”

And he added, “a safety valve.”Falcons of the Jedi“: “Mohamed Al-Mustafa successfully repelled serious attacks. Mustafa Karshoum also performed at an outstanding level in the match. All of his interventions were successful. Abdel Razek described his colleague Mohamed Abdel Rahman as a “terrifying striker,” adding: “Abdel Rahman is performing outstandingly, as he contributed a major role in the victory and exhausted Mauritania’s defense.”

Sudan’s victory over Mauritania highlights a brilliant trio

For his part, Akram Al-Hadi Slim, captain of the national team, said about Sudan’s precious victory: “I consider that the national team’s stars played a group match at the summit, and the award for the best in the match deserves Mohamed Al-Mustafa, Mustafa Karshoum, Ramadan Ajab and Mohamed Abdel-Rahman.”

He continued: “Al-Mustafa’s saves at a difficult time contributed to giving confidence to the players, and Karshoum demonstrated his value as a solid defender, and he can be classified as one of the best defenders in recent years.” Akram considered that striker Mohamed Abdel Rahman provided evidence of his distinction as an experienced striker, by saying: “Abdul Rahman’s movements in the match confirm that he is a very distinguished striker. He played a major role and was strengthened by a second goal. He had an influential role in crushing the Mauritanian national team’s ambitions early.”

Sudan national team stars

In a related context, Munjid Al-Nil, the national team’s goalkeeper, revealed that his colleague Mohamed Al-Mustafa was the first man of the match, and one of the main reasons for Sudan’s victory against Mauritania, along with defender Karshoum and Mohamed Abdel-Rahman. Al-Nil praised the distinguished role of the trio in the match, saying: “The national team played its best matches.” And you get important and difficult points away from home. I think that Al-Mustafa played an outstanding match, and Mustafa Karshoum proves his technical value day after day. He presented an impressive level in the match, and striker Mohamed Abdel Rahman demonstrated his strength as a striker with a great mentality.”

It is worth noting that the Sudanese national team achieved victory over Mauritania, and rose to the top of the standings of the second group of the World Cup qualifiers, after raising its score of points to 7, ahead of Senegal by two points.

The Sudanese community in Mauritania had raised banners calling on the players to achieve victory for the sake of the people, which they described as oppressed, due to the war that broke out in the country in mid-April of last year, and is still continuing, causing much destruction to the country, and also claiming many lives.

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