The West Ham star is threatened with a life ban!

Reports from British newspapers confirmed that the West Ham United star is the Brazilian international Lucas PaquetaHe is threatened with a life ban by the English Football Association, due to violating betting rules.

The English Football Association had announced its accusations against Paqueta at the end of last May, of violating the rules of Articles E5 and F3 related to betting, after it was proven that he deliberately took yellow cards in several matches in the 2022-23 season so that some individuals would earn sums of money behind it.

Player responded Hammers He quickly responded to the Federation’s decision, as he expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision and confirmed that he fully cooperated with the investigations. He also confirmed that he would appeal the FA’s decision.

Will Al-Ittihad ban the West Ham star for life?

Following this, press reports revealed yesterday evening, Monday, that Lucas Paqueta faces the risk of being banned for life after new details emerged in his case.

According to the newspaper,The SunBritish newspaper, the English Football Association has obtained new evidence in the case of the West Ham United star, which may make his punishment the largest in football history.

Paqueta faces a lifetime ban

The report pointed to new details, as it claimed that 60 people bet on Paqueta to receive a yellow card in matches against Aston Villa, Leeds, Leicester and Bournemouth during the 2022-23 season of the year. English Premier League.

The stakes of these bets ranged between £7 and £400, resulting in combined winnings of £100,000, according to the newspaper. Many of those bets came from the island of Paquita in Guanabara Bay, near Rio de Janeiro, which is close to where he grew up. It features a West Ham player who took the island’s name as his nickname.

Paquita’s case is similar to that of Keenan Isaac

The allegations that Paqueta could be banned for life come due to the strong similarity between his case and the case of former Reading player Keenan Isaac, who was convicted of deliberately receiving yellow cards so that his friends could win financial gains.

The English Federation accuses a new player of accusations similar to those faced by Tonali (X/@FabrizioRomano) Winwin

Former Reading defender Keenan Isaac was subjected to a 10-year ban from playing football in 2022 after he was convicted of receiving a yellow card on which his friends bet, before an additional 18 months were added to his sentence for violating the rules of betting on matches. He was also sentenced to a year in prison for not… cooperation.

If the English Football Association succeeds in proving the punishment against the West Ham United star, we may not see Paqueta again on professional football fields, despite the bright future that awaited the player.

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